Stability and Aggression – Get both with Kotak Standard Multicap Fund

Have you ever asked yourself if you are making enough money? Have you ever thought what would be your life after you retire? Does your bank balance give you the confidence to live a normal, healthy life post your retirement? If you are in double thoughts regarding these questions, then the chances are high that you have actually never given due attention to your financial well-being. But hey! Don’t worry. Time is still on your side. You can still make your future secure by investing in Kotak Standard Multicap Fund.

How? Well, read this article and find the answer.

About the Mutual Fund

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund, alias Kotak Select Focus Fund, is a multicap fund of the equity origin. The fund is famous for its bilateral characteristics involving both aggression and defence in a single portfolio. It is mainly opted for adding the flavour of diversification, thereby making the portfolio grow stronger and much more capable of earning better returns.

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (G) was launched almost a decade ago in September 2009, with an aim to provide the investors with a solution to conquer their financial endeavours. Due to its unique portfolio built, the fund appeals to a large investing audience. It competes against NIFTY 200 TRI which is its benchmark, and is awarded the sixth spot in the list of top multicap funds available in India.

Focusing on the Portfolio Construction

The portfolio construction is one of the most important attributes of any mutual fund. The way a portfolio is designed defines the future of the mutual fund, which ultimately dictates the fate of the investors. Taking into account the volatile nature of the market and the increasing demand for robust product that can provide both risk cover and heavy returns, Kotak Standard Multicap Fund – Regular Plan (G) was introduced. The fund combines a variety of stocks in different portions to form its portfolio, which are subject to change as per the prevailing market conditions. Let’s have a look at the current status of the underlying portfolio of Kotak Standard Multicap:

As it can be observed in the table above, the placement of assets has been done quite well, focusing both on aggression and defence of the fund. These mixed traits in turn provide a solid platform for maximising wealth, without letting heavy risks to creep in and disturb the growth process.
In addition to the mixed asset allocation, Kotak Mahindra Standard Multicap Fund has also included several different industries in its portfolio. By doing this, the fund managers have reduced the dependency of the fund on companies of specific sizes or expansion capacity. This in turn makes the investment even more profitable, and you can look forward to conquering your goals. Take a look at the following table which shows the industries involved and their respective share in the portfolio:

Discussing the Past Performance
In today’s world where political and economic instability is on a rise, it will be a wise take to invest in multicap funds. The reason is simple – multiple industries reduce the overall impact of the uncertainty, thereby letting the growth process proceed smoothly. By the virtue of its diversity, Kotak Standard Multicap Fund has been able to pull down marvellous returns in the past, an account of which has been presented below:

The above facts point out that investing in Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (G) is indeed a great way to start off with building your future. The fund has everything that you’d need to call it a “complete package”. Start investing in this fund today, and be sure of a secured future.