Show your love with flowers on Valentine’s Day

Every day we receive orders and deliver bouquets of flowers with messages loaded with love and it seems that Valentine’s Day is reserved only for couples. Why not take advantage of this day (like any other) to show your love for a lasting friendship, a mother who has given you unconditional love or your soul friend who does not expect to receive a show of love from you?

In this post we bring you different proposals of bouquets for different types of love. Get inspired and surprised with flowers! For the most classic

It is that couple who knows that there is nothing that impresses more than a bouquet of red roses and that they are faithful to Cupid. In Bourguignon we work with Red Naomi roses, a luxury rose that you will quickly differentiate due to its large size, the velvety texture of its petals, its perfect red color and its intense fragrance. It is a type of rose that also lasts longer than other varieties. With due care, you can hold up to two weeks. Do not miss our selection of bouquets of red roses for Valentine’s Day.

For the romantics

For those people who are not afraid to go too sweet, we have a bouquet of pink roses of the Avalanche variety. You will be surprised by its fragrance, its size, and its duration, greater than that of other varieties of roses.
In addition, we include in our selection Chery l and Violet : two floral proposals of the sweetest in shades of pink, pastel and purple.

For the most modern

This selection is designed for those who seek to break with clich├ęs; those who want to give best valentine flowers but not roses. If you are one of those, nothing better than tulips . Perfect if you want to have a different detail with your partner, your soul sister, or your best friend. Original, fun and loaded with sweetness.

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