Reasons Why Compression Socks and Sleeves are Beneficial

Yoga socks are designed to keep your toes comfortable without losing balance or falling and therefore creating stability in all types of poses. They come in various styles, colours, and patterns. They help with posture and provides a good base for the practice of yoga.

Reasons why yoga socks are beneficial:

· Relieves foot pain

· Effective for yoga exercise

· Provide a base or landing

· Strengthens the foot during exercise

· Reduces the risk of catching foot fungus

The copper fit is a copper infused wear with a large amount of copper content. It is designed to help people in pain, aching or with stiff muscles. Cooper fit compression products are manufactured with copper ions. As copper is environmentally friendly, the copper fibre will not easily wash out and can remain effective on numerous washes. The product is marketed to help sports endurance and relieving pain. Cooper infused products are mainly used as they reduce the risk of infections, rashes and odours as they help in preventing bacteria from accumulating in the affected region. Cooper fit helps in oxygenation and blood circulation.

Reasons why cooper sleeves are beneficial:

· Reduces recovery time of muscles

· Provide support for muscles

· Relief from pain, rashes and soreness

· Prevent strain

· Keep the muscles strong by reducing fatigue

Let’s have a look at different type of copper fit products:

Knee Compression Sleeve

Knee compression sleeves work as a knee brace. These sleeves provide support and balance to the knees, giving protection to the knees by protecting them from injury. These sleeves are made of neoprene. Neoprene is very effective in providing compression for the Joints and muscles.

Knee Supports

Knee supports are made to be worn during knee pain. These supports are made of metal, plastic and foam and even in the form of a belt. It boosts up blood circulation and keeps the joints warm, it further reduces swelling during a dogged exercise.

These sleeves are thin and breathable so that people can wear them anytime and anywhere. They are available in different size, colour and design.

Promax Fitness™ is one of the sports brands, delivering the finest and the best sports products since 2015. Their products are available on Their cooper fit knee sleeve for men and women is a product to go with, which is especially designed for sore joints, with the copper content of 88%. The sleeves are light weighted, thin, flexible and are designed to be worn in any condition with full relief.

And on the other hand, their Yoga Socks are soft and comfortable to wear, with gripping technology. They are designed with a rubber grip which adds stability and poise in order to stretch and balance without slipping. It also prevents exposure to foot fungus.

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