Ray Reading, a Spiritual Method for Soul Purification:

To make something pure or to increase the performance at first we need to know about that. We need to know about the mechanism, structure and its blueprint. Yes, this is possible even in the case of soul. The process of understanding the  mechanism of profile (Soul profile). It’s all about Non-religious but all spiritual. Spiritualism doesn’t have any religion. It knows to identify us all as humans.

Spiritualism makes us learn about the purpose of living. A satisfied and happy life knows well about its purpose. Purpose plays an evident role to balance our day to day life. To maintain the music of glory and gloom.

From where does this purpose come?

The purpose generally originates from our own subconscious mind. It comes from how and what we want to express. This can be also said that it is the combination of destiny and desire. So, to understand it in a simpler way one can take it as a soul is the mixture of one’s emotion, expression, destiny, and desire. Once the soul understands the real meaning, purpose and all above listed factors then it fulfills our true desire.

To understand this Ray Reading, we have different colors and shades:

  • Unconditional Love: Without being judgmental when a human being loves his life and when he is not at all looking for something return from life. When one start serving life like a true lover. This may be represented by Blue color as love.
  • Power and Courage: It’s about being powerful in terms of showing courage towards life. All it means is to be disciplined and have a strong willpower when it comes to achieve goal. RED may be considered for these qualities.
  • Intellect: when one has the ability to actively play with intelligence. His life has a lot to offer him as gifts. Intelligence is not mere a word but it’s the process of evolution. Generally Intellect is denoted by Yellow color.
  • Peace and Harmony: Green is the color. It represents well the Humanity and Peace to maintain the survival of Mankind as it is all about the relationship and togetherness.
  • Knowledge: Being attentive towards every new development taking place all around us with all the truthfulness. To represent this in life we have color
  • Devotion: The best way to express your extreme desire towards a certain goal is to take the call with full devotion. We generally use Indigo color to represent this part of life.
  • Diplomacy: Violet is the color which represents diplomacy, order and magic.

Above mentioned qualities are the ones which take an individual to come out of the periphery. After Ray Reading an individual comes to know about the quality of soul he has and also gets an opportunity to improve the divine purpose of soul. To know the purpose there has to be proper alignment of body, mind and soul.

Ankit Sharma is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Ray Reading and Ray Reading Services.


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