Pregnancy Calculator to Keep the Would-Be MOM Busy for 40 Long Weeks!

Exactly how pregnant are you? – When you first get to know that you are expecting, a sudden thrill and excitement take over you. The next thing that you want to know is how long you have been pregnant. But, is it possible to know it at home without visiting a doctor? Yes, with the help of pregnancy calculator, you can know in which week of pregnancy you are standing.

This calculator helps to analyze for how long you have been pregnant (based on your last ovulation date) and when will the due date be.

**Note: There is no guarantee that it will give the exact date but it will certainly give an approx. idea.

How to calculate the due date?

The calculation is done by adding around 40 weeks or 280 days on the first day of last menstrual cycle. If you don’t remember the exact date, it will be around 28 days of a cycle.

Will the baby be born on the exact due date?

As per statistics, only 5% of women have given birth to their children in the exact given due date. Whereas, 92% of children are born on either side of the week. If the child is born exactly on the due date, then it will be 38 weeks as the menstrual period, and ovulation is counted as first two weeks.

Interestingly, pregnancy calculator is not just limited to calculating due date; rather, there are other tools related that will encourage knowing more about your baby.

6 interesting tools along with calculator

Once you are done calculating your due date, it is time to know about the other aspects like –

a. When did you conceive?

You can know this from a conception calculator. There are many such tools available online and in app stores which come for free. So, there is no harm in trying. To calculate the same, you just need to input the due date and voila!

b. What is the growth rate of fetus?

Which mother won’t be interested to know how fast their child is growing and how big they are?

The easiest way to know this (of course apart from ultrasound, which does not show clear results until you are 10 to 12 weeks pregnant) is by using a tool. The growth calculator mostly asks for the following input –

Age or weeks of the baby, weight of mother when she conceived and present weight. This will give an average idea regarding the fact, how big your baby is!

c. Is there any risk of Down Syndrome?

Every mother prays and wishes for her child’s good health. But there are times when a child is born with some or the other mental/ physical issue. One such common condition is Down Syndrome. Now, by giving the age of mother and family health history, one can let the pregnancy calculator and apps alike guess if the child will have a tendency of Down Syndrome.

d. What is the interval of contraction?

It is more like a stop watch input that you have to give. But contraction prevails only after 30 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Once you see the contraction happening, you start the timer and once it stops, you have to stop the timer too. This will help to calculate the interval.

e. What will be the gender according to Chinese chart?

How exciting it is to know if it’s a boy or a girl! Very interestingly, till date, the Chinese calculator has coincidently calculated correct gender. The information it requires are age of mother and month of calculation. That’s it!

And for confirmed news, you should always ask your doctor.

f. What will be the best name for your child?

You want to keep guessing, but there are tools that can suggest you some really good names. Call your baby by the name that you feel suits the most. Or, if the tools don’t suit you, then baby name books are always there.

**Again, these are not 100% assured, but it is always exciting to know more about your baby!

Enjoy guessing and planning with pregnancy calculator and other tools! Download the exciting apps and count the weeks with more enthrallment.

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