How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

Do you just hit your car or got it hit by someone else? All vehicles are vulnerable to dings and dents, but now there is a new way to get rid of them.

Paintless Dent Removal is growing in popularity because more and more people are finding to be a very effective and inexpensive alternative to get minor repairs done on their cars. Paintless Dent Removal offers a more reasonable and less time consuming method than traditional dent repair methods making it a great way to care for the condition of your car’s exterior.

Explaining Paintless Dent Removal
The methods involved in traditional dent repair that fill auto body dents with paint or a body filler, which is then matched with the rest of the vehicle’s exterior body. While this process usually can make a vehicle look as good as new, it does not deal with the actual dent in a way that it is long-term and sustainable solution. The traditional method is also usually a time-consuming and expensive process that can also effect the resale value of the vehicle. The process of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) on the other hand, does not involve any fillers and there is no sanding. PDR is also an environmental friendly repair method and it usually takes much less time and is much low cost. This method is now widely used for removing dings and dents from all sorts of vehicles, body creases and hail damage.

The PDR Process
The first step to all repair processes is to inspect and assess the damage. The size of the dent, the location of the dent, and the proper assessment of the damage determine the most effective method for removing the dent. PDR methods are able to repair 80% to 90% of dents effectively. If PDR can be and is used the area around the dent is prepared for repair.

Next Step: Gaining Entry to the Dent
In most of the cases, the PDR requires you to have access to the backside of the dented area. This might involve removing tail lights or body panels or event interior panels. A pathway to the dent is required when the PDR method is used. Once accessed to the dent, the PDR repair can work its magic. The technique requires great precision and only trained experts can perform it well.

PDR Experts
The expert companies perform PDR using special tools and equipment to have a better look at the dent and know precisely where to place the dent repair tools on the backside in order to achieve the best dental removal results while bringing the car to its original condition.

Dent PDR’s out
Using special PDR tools the exterior of the vehicle is massaged back into its original position. This whole process can be completed within a short time depending upon the severity of the dent. The final results are usually amazing.


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