We all know that writing fiction, essay or dissertation requires certain sets of skills. Most of us however are not familiar with the concept of transferable skills. So let’s have its definition first. A transferable skill is an ability or expertise which may be used in a variety of roles and occupations.

According to Wikipedia, A thesis is “a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings”. A good thesis requires gathering facts about subject under study, its presentation in logical order, numerating statistical figures relating to observations and analyzing data for giving conclusion.

The very nature of the thesis, described above, requires certain skills from different disciplines to be used in order to write a meaningful and useful thesis. We will now discuss these skills in detail:

Intellectual Skills:

These skills are prerequisite of any kind of intellectual activity. These include, critical thinking, connecting various parts of information with each other in reaching a logical conclusion, analysis of data for obtaining results and comprehending facts and figures. Without intellectual skills, no research or any other academic activity can be performed, leave alone thesis writing.

Communication Skills:

Like in other disciplines such as Management sciences, Mass communication, Journalism and audio visual art forms, Communication skills play a pivotal role in thesis writing as well. No matter how precious information is gathered and excellent evaluation of data is done, all goes to waste if it is not communicated to targeted audience in a presentable and effective manner.

Besides having good writing and speaking skills, the thesis writer must have a good command over language in which thesis is being written. Writing in easy language seems easy but is actually difficult. One must write concise, easy and comprehensive language.

Analytical Skills:

Data analysis is a very precious skill and is very vital in today’s academic environment. Not only the thesis writer must be able to co relate various data segments with each other, he or she must also be equipped with statistical tools available in digitalized form in computer technology.

Research Skills:

Research skills are the backbone of thesis writing. Without these skills, one cannot even imagine of beginning a thesis.

Research skills need surveying skills, setting questionnaire, using software and applications useful to case under study, sampling data, using internet and search engines in the most beneficial ways. Since Internet is a great repository of knowledge, all thesis papers today require its maximum input.

Time Management Skills:

Time management skills are crucial in any academic pursuit. In every study, one is always time bound. Study needs to be completed and submitted in a stipulated time line.

In order to cope with time limitation, the thesis writer needs to prioritize his tasks. The more important tasks must be taken first and be completed in time so that panic and anxiety does not prevail.

Interpersonal skills:

Since thesis writer is required to interact with people, i.e. Supervisors, interviewees, colleagues etc., it is vital that he or she must exhibit good interpersonal skills. Having a pleasant personality and empathy are two important tools to get your task done in easy and effective manner.

Empathy needs to be elaborated here. It means stepping in another person’s shoes. While interacting with others, one needs to understand their feelings and needs so as to have the best response.

Computer skills:

The skills related to usage of computer as an aid in your thesis is crucial. Use of Excel and words or power point for better presentations is vital in this digital era. Using correct templates, fonts, charts, and data bases are integral part of any thesis writing assignments in today’s academic environment.

Editing and Proof reading Skills:

The thesis writer must have a good know how and practical experience of proof reading and editing the written document. The following points must be checked before final presentation.

Punctuation, grammar, headings, sub headings, spell check and referencing
Logical flow of paragraphs
Is preface correct?
Is table of Content correctly showing relevant topics on given pages?
 Problem solving:

Last but not the least, this precious skill of problem solving is important in tackling obstacles, hurdles and challenges one confronts in any stage of thesis writing. Self-belief and confidence goes a long way in helping thesis writer to find options and solutions. Problem solving, invariably requires another skill of decision making which is a management sciences skill but is vital in every academic endeavor.


This article is written by Merissa Kate, a prolific free-lance writer on Management issues. By profession, He is an educationist at Custom Assignment Help, but has keen interest in mass communication as well.


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