Nail care and its importance

Stand in front of a mirror, assess yourself from head to toe, that glowing skin, shining hair and those sparkly eyes, what could be more beautiful than you. Wait! There is one thing you missed, your nails. Out of every 10 women, 7 tend to neglect the importance and care of their nails. Why? Is it not part of your gleaming beauty or are they overshadowed by all the other beautiful aspects? Ladies! It is time that you perfected your beautiful self and gave your hands and nails the attention they rightfully deserve.

The color of your nails and the care you take of them not only signifies your health but also the importance you give to yourself. It may seem like an over rated task to do, but with the right nail treatments, those ten pawns can check mate a king. Following are the quick measures you can take to care for those precious nails:

Protect Your Nails
Just like the rest of our body, nails also require protection from pollutants and bacteria. Use of gloves should be made a regular practice to protect the nails during gardening or house work. Refrain from leaving your fingers in a cold or hot water for long period as it weakens the collagen of the skin and nails. Take measures to protect your nails from the sun as well, use gloves and protective creams to do so.

Cleaning And Hydration Of Nails
Working all day and exposing your hands to dust and pollution of the city, a proper cleaning becomes necessary. Just like your hair and face, nails also need cleaning. Wash them thoroughly with water, focusing on the easily missed areas like underneath the nail and the skin to remove any dirt or bacteria. After washing them, dry your nails to with a tissue or towel.

Use Lotion And Cream
Before going to sleep at night, use lotions and creams for your nails as well to keep them hydrated and healthy. Try lotions containing alpha-hydroxyl acids or lanolin for brittle nails. Nails usually get brittle due to repeated exposure to wet environments. In case you use nail polish, use removal lotions to cleanse it. Regular and proper moisturization is extremely important for nail health. Self-treatments like these and your nails will thank you. By Nail specialists Toledo OH

Use Of Clippers And Scalps
Trimming nails is vital to proper health of nails. Remember to wash your clippers with a good antibacterial agent before each use to avoid any bacterial infection. Nail scalps are necessary to remove dirt from under the nails. Regular use of scalps will protect your cuticles from any infection that could manifest due to the dirt collected under the nails.

Regular Visits To The Dermatologists
Professional advice and care is extremely important for the body to function properly. The same applies to the nails; consult with a good dermatologist who will know exactly the right nutrients and care your nails need to keep them healthy. Have regular appointments with your dermatologist. Make sure that the doctor you visit is a reliable one. With professional help, you can avoid infections and get proper treatment for ongoing ones.


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