Mistakes to Avoid While Attempting IIT JEE

Only 4 months are left for the major engineering entrance exam and preparations are going at its full swing. It is indeed a dream of every Non-Medical Student to get admission in top colleges of India. It is considered as one of the toughest exams to crack and despite its reputation student’s leave no stone unturned and gather in depth knowledge to clear it. As it is said hard work is the key to success and it is impossible to gain something while sitting idly, so students put in as much as they can. Due to vast syllabus, students end up committing mistakes which they later repent on.

Common Mistakes Committed During Preparation
 The most common mistake which almost every aspirant commits is referring to a variety of books. Stick to only 1 or 2 which you think suits you well as per your requirement. Collecting a huge pile may give you unwanted stress and you may wander from one book to another which may lead to wastage of time.
 Study! Study! Study! If this is your mantra then you are completely on the wrong track. This would make your personality dull. Stick to your hobbies. Go for a walk, inhale fresh air, watch TV, listen to good music and spend time with your friends and family.
 Don’t get disheartened if you couldn’t score well in mock tests. Tests are just for your convenience so as to have an idea of the variety of questions that may come.
 Having in depth knowledge of the topic is good but wasting time by going off the topic is just pointless.
 Do not go with the entertainment flow way too much. Stick to your daily study routine. One must have proper sleep.
 Stress is just a common word now a days and it is not good for healthy preparation.
 No time for revision. Once the topics are done regular revisions are necessary.
 Last but not the least; students tend to give up near the end thinking of the competition. One should be confident enough to face the challenges.

The modern means being adopted by students now days is online preparation. Students tend to face problems in Physics more than others, so for that online lectures for physics IIT JEE are available. Chemistry and maths are thoroughly covered too.

Mistakes in Exam

 Paying attention to one section then required leads to wastage of time. Due to this negligence other sections suffer.
 Wrong calculation results into incorrect answer. Calculations should be done with concentration.
 Students make silly mistakes by reading the question wrong and solving it by other method.
 Becoming overconfident by seeing easy questions. This excitement may sometimes lead to drifting away of mind from the questions that would fetch more marks.
 Do not fly way too high. One should not be overconfident about the test as anything can happen anytime.
 If one couldn’t get admission in one of the top colleges then it is not like all other doors are closed. If one opportunity goes away that is not end of the world, there could be lot in store for you.
 Have a problem solving approach which comes with continuous practice.Checkout not only for best online physics lectures for IIT JEE, but chemistry and maths also.
 Stay focused towards your goal. Nothing is Impossible!

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