Microsoft Word Vs. Scrivener – Which one you find the best?


Writers have been using Microsoft Word to achieve their daily writing task but now it’s time for new tool called Scrivener. It is being preferred over Microsoft Word by many writers because of its property of being cheap, easy to use, regularly updated and most important its features has been dedicated for the writing only.

Here are few reasons to convince you that using Scrivener is better than Microsoft Word:

It provides Backup of all your Data:

Unlike Microsoft word Scrivener keeps back up of all your work. When a writing project is started on Scrivener the software develops an automatically created folder that combines with previous folders histories thus helps an individual in extracting the previous version of the similar file thus making it handy for rewriting changes which did not worked out. This feature of Scrivener is particularly useful in case you over write some new document accidently over the previous one which has no chance to recover with MS Word.

It has Feature of Writing down extra Notes:

Unlike MS Word Scrivener offers a unique feature of writing down notes separately for individual chapter. These could be reminder notes for adding few points or if something is not makings sense, preparing a rough draft or linking from previous chapter. Whatever comes in your mind while writing can be drought down on these notes provided on the side bars and then can be reviewed later.

This feature is also useful if you want to write summary for every chapter in order to ensure that the plot of the story is going in the correct direction. Once the first draft has been completed the writer can review his notes for each chapter particularly useful if writer is looking for a specific part of the story where he needs to make alterations.

In Scrivener every Chapter is a separate Document:

In software Scrivener the greatest advantage is that it keeps every chapter or individual scene in a separate document due to which the writer can visualise the entire story and keep check of notes of narration. A separate colour coding can also be done for each character scene so everything can be plotted according to your convenience. The individual scenes can be dropped and dragged easily, so it can be arranged in sequence according to the writer preference. This is extremely difficult and time consuming if you are using Microsoft word.

Scrivener has Options of Research and Corkboard:

Unlike MS Word Scrivener assists the writers by providing them options of conducting research while writing. The corkboard on the other hand helps to display chapter, documents, pictures and anything which might facilitate the writer to scrutinize and plan through his thoughts and imaginations.

It is provides the writer with an opportunity to conduct research while writing and book mark the webpages which he can use later as reference all on the same page. This is unlike Microsoft Word where for such task you will need to open a separate word document and open separate net browser to conduct research.

Scrivener has unique feature of Split Screen:

This feature of split screen is loved by users, as the writer can open the picture of his character in one half of the screen while on the other half he can focus on writing about it. Similarly it can be useful if you want information from internet about a topic on side while continue writing on the other half of the screen. This is not possible using MS Word.

It has Feature to block all distractions:

Sometimes the writer needs to maintain concentration and focus on their writing. The Scrivener unlike MS Word has a superb feature of distraction free mode which takes over your working screen and forces you to concentrate only on your writing task.

Notifies the Word count to keep you motivated:

Scrivener also has this feature of colourful manuscript target bar which keeps on changing colour from yellow to green as you keep on writing words. This will keep you enthusiastic and motivated to complete your daily task on time. This manuscript also keeps records of your daily word count and all your activities making writing more motivational then writing on MS Word.

Customised Compilation and Printing of your Book:

Unlike MS Word Scrivener also helps in compiling your book by using table of contents and your writing material in a perfectly formatted style organized to be uploaded on the platform of your choice.

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