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Writing Management Assignment is not an easy task for many students. It involves the use of a student’s understanding of management theories and concepts. To write an assignment, you may do in-depth research, organise that information, and then create an outline of your assignment. You can also avail Management Assignment Help online service by a professional academic writer.

Before hiring any online Management Assignment Help, you may need to check and verify the services offered by them. One way to do this is by going through their website for client reviews. Some basic information about the management study has been given by our experts at My Assignment Services.
What is Management?

Management is a process of planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling the resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the organisational goal. It can be defined in different categories like Management as a Process, Management as an Activity, Management as a Discipline, Management as a Group, Management as a Science, Management as an Art, and Management as a Profession.
Features of Management

Management is an activity that deals in controlling and guiding the human and physical resources so that the organisational goals can be achieved. The nature of management is highlighted as being:
• Goal-oriented
• Continuous
• Persuasive
• Group Activity

Levels of Management
The management level depends on the size of a management. As told by the experts providing Management Assignment Help services: when the size of an organisation increases, the level of management also increases, and vice-versa. The management level can be defined in three levels, i.e., Top level management, Middle level management, and Low-level management.
Top Level Management/ Administrative Level
It includes the board of directors, chief executives, and more. They devote more time on planning and coordinating of functions. The Administrative level role is to prepare strategic plan and policy, to guide and direct the members who are responsible towards the shareholders for the performance of an organisation. Writing management assignments may be time-consuming, which is why most students end up searching “can someone do my assignment” on various places like Quora and student forums.
Middle Level of Management/ Executory
The middle level of management includes branch manager and departmental managers. This again depends on the size of the enterprise. These management levels are responsible for proper functioning of their departments.
Lower Level of Management/ Supervisory
This management level is also known as operative level of management. It consists of section officers, supervisor, foreman, with the responsibilities to assign the tasks to workers, to check production quality and quantity, and more.

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