Longer lasting nails

When one decides to take on a new beauty product they tend to research the many varieties available. Carefully reading reviews weighing the pros and cons to what is worth their money and what product is going to last the longest. No difference when gel nails versus traditional nails are involved. How to, what brand, what color to choose, how long will it last is the many questions that can go through one’s mind.

One stop shop

At gel-nails.com there are many colors to chose from when it comes to gel nail polish. However, at gel-nails.com they have much more than just the gel polish. They have just about any item one needs when it comes to nails including but not limited to dryers, stickers, art, UV lamps, forms, nail kits, etc. Gel-nails.com is a wholesale nail supply store that has all the accessories that can help you stay up-to-date with the local businesses.

Long lasting

Essie gel nails are different from the nails that are traditional. Essie gel nails last longer due to the LED nail lamp and its ability to dry nails much quicker than the traditional polish. The LED nail lamp allows for the polish to dry in approximately 1 1/2 minutes versus the UV nail lamp which is roughly a minute a coat. This allows for the Essie gel nails to not crack, peel, or smudge once the polish is applied properly. Gel nails tend to be stronger than the traditional nails preventing having to go to the salon to have a nail fixed.


The removal of gel nails is not as simple as the traditional nail polish it takes a little more time and is recommended that a professional at a salon remove the nails. It involves soaking the nail and allowing it to sit for 5 plus minutes this all depending on the length of time the nails were on. Once the nail is off one has to make sure and care for the nail that was under to keep the nails healthy.

The durability of gel nails versus traditional is one worth trying out. Just the thought of not having to repolish due to smudges and knowing my nails are completely dry gives a sense to relief. There is still a wide range of colors when one chooses the gel nails. I do believe that gel nails are the way to go.

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