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Deskmoz creates a Benchmark in Customer Satisfaction by providing premium Live Chat Agents

To survive in the business of chat answering service, one eye should always be kept on the competitor, who is just a click away for the customer. DeskMoz has been making rapid advancements by addressing customer queries on an immediate basis. It is making news in offering services with expert chat operators 7 days a week and 24 hours a day at nominal prices. The pricing of the live chat services is designed in such a manner that it can cover low traffic websites to very high traffic websites. Moreover, the clients can always see all the chats, account details, and total number of chats the chat agents of DeskMoz has done for them all in one place on their personal dashboard, giving them utmost convenience.

“We decided to make the DeskMoz services available anywhere, anytime,” said Mr. Ashish Biyani, the co-founder of DeskMoz. With young people increasingly demanding customer care with high precision, the chat service providers felt it imperative to offer services geared toward that segment of the population to complement their already popular shopping experience.

Mr. Biyani also said that “Keeping an application at the cutting edge in the technology sector requires ingenuity,” adding that DeskMoz is committed to put service rendering above sales figures.

DeskMoz assures to be the helping hand for providing the Desk services at astonishingly cheap prices. The company is working towards providing the best services based on an alternative belief system “whatever it takes, let the customer be with you!” With a team consisting of 60+ enthusiastic experts, DeskMoz, as stated on its website, provides a complete package to fulfill the Desk needs.

Since the founding of the site, the live chat operators have held various chat service sessions, written thousands of essays and answered thousands of e-mails. Moreover, along the way, DeskMoz has helped the customers with everything, from simple to complex shopping-related challenges.

The clients do not lose out on anything as DeskMoz provides a free trial for 10 days and then asks for registration only if the client wants to pursue further. The team of live chat operators at DeskMoz provides help to customers while placing orders, as well as answering questions regarding the previously placed orders. The live chat operators also provide part information which includes technical specifications, applications, cross references, and many more. Any online business, in order to expand the customer base, requires the 24*7 presence so as to communicate with the potential customers and respond to their queries.

The chat operators working with DeskMoz help the client’s business grow by responding to all the queries of website visitors. In today’s scenario, online business is far beyond the timeframe because customer can come across an issue any time. Therefore, it has become the necessity of the online business to be present all the time. Deskmoz provides live chat services regardless of time. The team is always online working in three different shifts and providing round-the-clock services, which helps in generating leads for online sales.

In the near future, DeskMoz has been planning to expand the service base and render the call answering services for making the life of people better in this hectic scenario. In an era where customer support is equally important as the sales of products, DeskMoz is definitely creating a benchmark by rendering quality chat answering services at nominal rates so that the product-related queries of customers are resolved in a timely manner, in the best possible way. Checkout for more information on 24×7 Live Chat Agents .



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