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The essay is the most significant paper writing task in a student’s life. They cannot neglect essay writing at any cost because it helps them in improving their inner talent of reading and writing. But the students often make silly mistakes while writing an essay. Due to such errors, they tend to lose marks in their essay which could have been scored easily. Essay writing permits the students to show their knowledge on the topic of their interest. Most of the students hire assignment help when they do not have time to write an essay or correct their mistakes. Finance Homework Help wants to tell you all about the mistakes which the students commit while writing the essay-
• Most of you forget to develop a thesis statement which is the very first step associated with essay writing. It showcases the whole idea of the essay and informs your reader what you are going to discuss further in the write-up.
• It has been observed that, most of the times the students forget to write the conclusion. Remember, your essay is not complete until and unless you write a conclusion to your essay. Writing the conclusion is important because it will tell your reader what you are trying to express through your write-up.
• The next mistake which students make is that they forget to write the citations to the informational sources. If the teacher finds your paper without the citations, then it will be considered as plagiarized by them. Submitting the paper without any reference is the silliest mistake which any one can commit.
• assignment writing service thinks that writing the essay with an illogical connection between the sentences is also a silly mistake. The main motive of teachers behind assigning the essay is to see how you can connect the sentences with each other. So, submitting the essay without logical connection between the paragraphs can result in mark deduction.
• Another kind of mistake which teachers have to correct on a daily basis is the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Use of wrong punctuation in the wrong place has also been noticed by the teachers. Such mistakes give a headache to teachers as they have to check large number of pages daily under the limited hours. Also, submitting an essay full of errors ultimately proves to be an invitation to poor grades.
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