Know every secret kept by bartenders on how they run their bars

There is nothing more interesting than having a great time at Fashion Island bars.
There, you can drink any drink and enjoy their food too. But have you ever thought of what secrets the bartenders keep in order to serve you well and ensure that you are happy? There are actually plenty of secrets. We are going to look at them one by one.
They eavesdrop on many things
Bartenders are actually there to serve you. They are not allowed to drink and eat before their customers do. They are just to remain in the bar and wait for an order to serve. Have you ever wondered what they do all this time while you have your drink? Most of them listen to your chatter and what you talk about. In most cases, if you have a complaint about the services offered at the bar, you will tell your companion and not the bartender. They will have to pick up some of those comments and adjust their services. Their main goal is to serve you and make
sure you are satisfied.
They know how to trick you into buying more drinks
Bartenders are trained to know how to deal with their guests. Their secret is to take care of the guests who are furthest from them first. This is a trick for the guests closest to him to make their order. Another trick they might use is to come close to you so that you can see them. There are some people who go to Fashion Island bars & restaurant only to idle or to check their mail. Of course, no one will chase you away if you do that, but the main aim of the bartenders is to sell drinks and food. So if they don’t see you making your order, they will stand next to you and offer
They know something about you
The moment you make your order, the bartender will know the kind of a person you are. They will know if you like to drink a lot or if you drink once in a while. When you order that vodka, they will know whether it is your first time or if you have tried it before. They might even tell you of a new similar drink to see if you would like to try it.
Your cocktail is made to order
Your special cocktail is always made to order. Your bartender may even suggest tweaks to make your selelcted cocktail even better. Fashion Island bars have a lot of guests and they always try to give their guests a fantastic experience.

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