Keys to Create a Good Advertising Video

When they ask us to carry out an advertising video there are many aspects that we must evaluate if we want to achieve a successful result for our client. To properly perform any type of audiovisual document, it is necessary to take care of the details from the beginning and to make known the strong points of the brand.

In this week’s article we give you some keys to take into account in the creation of advertising videos, which will undoubtedly serve to reach the public in the most efficient way possible.

What is the starting point?

Before starting any task we must focus the focus on what is the purpose of the video we are going to make. It is paramount main idea we want to capture in our advertising video, who it is for and what tools can be used to obtain a greater impact on the viewer to see our video.

In turn, if we have a properly structured script, we will have a large part of the work done and will give us all the guarantees so that the video ends up being a real success for the company. It is essential to start by analyzing the product we have and the strengths of the company. From there, we will be able to transmit the vision, values and key message of your brand.

Capture the viewer’s attention

One of the most effective techniques to generate interest in the public is to start the advertising video with a question, which will draw attention to a greater or lesser extent.

It is possible that the answer to the question posed does not produce great curiosity at the beginning. But it is usual to wait for the final part of the video to see what the advertiser is proposing and to check if the answer satisfies us or not.

Having a good script is an essential aspect for our advertising spot to make the viewer interested in our product and look more deeply that this offers. You have to find a way to create a story that guides the viewer and makes sense.

Brevity of the advertising video

One of the most important aspects when creating an advertising product is its duration. If we opt for a short document (the most advisable to hook the viewer), we are forced to condense all the information we want to transmit in just a few seconds.

It is not an easy job to compress properly so we must surround ourselves with qualified professionals and experts in this type of audiovisual work so special. In short videos, post production will be key so that nothing is left out of what is really essential.

Choice of media

While television is a suitable means of communication to sell any product, we are currently in the Internet Age and it is essential to go to platforms such as YouTube, among others, to raise awareness of our brand.

In addition, the relevance of the main social networks we know is not less. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the networks that we must use to make the video viral as quickly as possible.

Other indispensable aspects

The locations, the actors, the costumes, the music or the graphics, are some aspects that we are required to take care of if we want the advertising video to gain in quality and execution.

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