Key Considerations for Wide Load Trucking

Carrying wide loads on the road is complicated than anything as the driver needs to be very conscious regarding the safety of other travellers as well as the safety of products he is carrying. It is important for wide load trucking companies to follow some strict safety measures while running such heavy hauling vehicles on the road. But before their security safety, let’s get to know some of the key consideration for wide load trucking.

• Know the Legal Limits of the Loads

Before carrying such a heavy and oversized vehicle, it is extremely important to know the legal limits of the load. These legal limits are decided by the government of the country and should be followed while running these heavy vehicles on the roads. In general, maximum load width is 8.5 feet approximately but it can vary from state to state. So, consider the legal limit first and then commence a journey of this oversized vehicle.

• How to Find out if your Load is Oversized

Wide load trucking companies should know how to find if their load is oversized or not. Weight restrictions are generally applied on per axle basis. In general, shipment might not cross the total weight limit but is usually crosses per axle limit. In such cases, correct placement of loads makes this shipment legal and thereby eradicates the need of special permits. In wide load trucking, one must remember per axle limit and do the necessary adjustments.

• Understand the Factors that can Affect Schedule

Hitting oversized vehicle on the road is not that easy as the driver and trucking company have to keep several factors in their mind. In many states, oversized vehicles are not allowed on holidays or weekends while in some states, only night driving is permitted so it is important to know all these factors and then hit the road as accordingly.

• Know the Meaning and Requirements for Special Signs or Warnings

Carrying an oversize truck is not that easy and thus it is quite important for truck driver to know the meaning as well as requirement of special signs and warnings. Heavy vehicle requires a special kind of flag or light i.e. red flag and amber lights so as to enhance the visibility to other traffic on the road. These flags and lights are quite important from safety point of view.

• Learn the Rules for when one Need Travel Escorts

It is important to know the rules and regulations for using travel escorts while running oversized vehicle on the road. In some states, shipments over 12 feet wide (approx.) requires pilot vehicles or travel escorts. The main objective of these travel escorts is to warn the truck drivers regarding special circumstances like construction zones, traffic jams, bridges, low wires and other hazards that need careful driving. Apart from this it also warns other people on road about the presence of an oversized vehicle.

Shipping overloads or carrying wide load trucking can be challenging but if driver and company take care of some important factors then it becomes very easy to get all your goods from source to destination.

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