For once, push away your work and make room for health and beauty. Here we are specifically talking about your skin and hair. The two things that which women usually take for granted and are the foundation of beauty. Our skin care products and hair care products will help you in keeping this foundation strong. With four years of our research and development, we aim to give you beautiful hair and skin. Not only because you want it but also because you deserve it!

You are conscious of your body, you might be a fitness freak but why does this concern take a back seat when it comes to your skin? Don’t you love it as much as your health or body? Indeed you do! Well, then prove it (It’s not us but your skin asking for it.) Today, immense varieties of products are available for every type of skin. Joelle Paris also has a solution to every kind of skin problem. Whether it is about preserving your normal skin, protecting it from harmful sun rays, saving it from pollution or dust particles, or simply nourishing it and keeping it hydrated, we won’t disappoint you.

Your skin needs as much care at night as much it needs in a day. Night cream fulfills some special purpose. It is said that skin absorbs essential nutrients when one is asleep and a night cream just makes it easy for your skin. A day cream lacks in it because it is more about safeguarding your skin whereas night cream nurtures it, make it smooth and silky. Night cream not only revitalizes skin but also act as a shield against pigmentation, wrinkles, age-spots, acne. It is like an anti-ageing cream. Skin care products benefits are manifolds as long as the right product is used in a right way.

Harsh sun rays and pollution affect your hair as much as it affects your skin and therefore you must pay heed to them as well. They need proper oiling and use of right shampoo and timely conditioning. You need to put extra efforts to maintain your streaks and smoothing. Hair loss and thinning seem to be the father of all hair pertinent problems. It is hard to tell whether hair loss is the result of stress or trauma or is it the other way round. But no worries, if it is the other way round then Joelle Paris’s hair loss lotion is your solution. It regenerates a healthy hair. The hair care products will nurse your hair back to health. They will renew it; make it shiny, voluminous, strong and long lasting.

The color protects mask and shampoo will not let your hair color strip your hair of moisture and is resistant to fading. The range of Liss Keratin (mask and shampoo) will reinvigorate your straightened hair. If you think trimming your hair is the only solution to get rid of split ends then our intense nutritive mask might change your opinion.

We have a solution to each of your skin and hair pertaining problem. Trust us! Try us!


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