Is Your Digital Presence Too Lonely To Survive Alone on Its Own

Does Your Website Looks Like the backyard of a Graveyard?

Here’s what you are doing wrong. If crickets are the only thing you hear, once you post an article on your blog page, it’s time to rethink your blogging strategy on the double. Everyone loves a bit of traffic coming to their website, what more do they love? They love a good number of people creating engagements and talking about their brand on social media. All this and much more do like an interesting option, but why doesn’t your website has any of it?

Here’s why?

Your Website is Weird!
The sooner you realize the better. Your website is your digital presence and it talks about your personality more than what services you have to offer. Let’s understand a thing or two clearly first. What you are offering as a service on your website is something that is already being offered by multiple domains. Your client or customer using Google has already searched the keyword multiple times and trust me, nobody takes the hassle of going down to the fifth page of Google Search to seek your brand out. And even then, if your website doesn’t have a clear vision and does not explains your point clearly! It’s giving your audience the creep. Make sure to create a website that doesn’t weird your customers out.

Blogging is The Key

Whoever told you that blogs aren’t significant has either lost their mind or don’t know a thing about digital marketing. Content is King, and the one written with authentic information and perfect choice of words is something that helps public learn faster and better. Why in the world wouldn’t someone prefer to come back to your website again, if they learned a lot the last time they visited your platform. Besides, without good content, how exactly do you expect SEO specialists, digital marketing specialists, designers, web developers and every other entity working in coherence with your platform to produce results. Always remember, content plays a key role and blogging is the best possible way to keep the spirit alive!

Promote Your Content

While creating content is one thing, marketing it is a totally different dimension. One of the many reasons why you are hearing cricket on your website is because you haven’t properly marketed it. Even the best written piece may turn stagnant and gain no attention whatsoever, if it is not marketed correctly. Speak your mind out to your customers. Engage them where necessary. Enlighten them by educating them. And when you are done! Make use of Social Media in the most appropriate way possible. Go ahead, nobody is stopping you from being all open about what you are doing! Promote your content on different social media channels. Spread it like Wildfire, because nobody will judge.

Make Sure Your Blog is Helpful

Okay! We need to get this thing clear before we move ahead with marketing our articles. If your content does not offer what your customers are seeking, forget about creating traffic on your blog page, they will hardly prefer to stick around on your website. Who would want that to happen, right? Nobody. Make sure your Blog is helpful and educating the audiences belonging to the buyer personas, the one which you are targeting. Make sure, your blog is designed in such a way that it helps your visitors by answering to their questions. Answer to what they are looking for! And give them what they are seeking. Whether you like it or not, your business should more focus on customers rather than your own mind set.

So why feel weary and left alone, when your website is capable to do much more! Get connected with the best website design agency NY.

No more of having a website which feels like an abandoned mausoleum. It is time you give your digital a presence a complete overhaul, a pre-designed and well inspired new look and feel.


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