Important ideas to automate your home and keep your kids safe

Home automation can make your life easier. The biggest mistake that most homeowners make is not to consider the safety of the kids when automating their home. You need to make things easier for your kids as well because they are the most vulnerable. Read this blog post to get the best ideas to automate your home and keep kids safe.

Automatic lighting in the hallway
If your kids wander around during the night like going to the bathroom, hovering to different rooms of the house then you should consider adding some automatic lights in the hallway. The lights will turn on automatically they sense motion. You can add the lights close to the floor for increased brightness levels. They will keep your kids safe from running into things and hurting themselves in the dark.

Front door camera
You should set up an automatic camera at your front door. This will allow the kids to see someone ringing the doorbell before opening the door. This is a critical part of home security systems NZ that will prevent your kids from opening the door for strangers. This is also convenient if you work at home as you will be able to know whether the visitor is worth stopping your job for.

Television timers
This is another way you can limit the time your kids watch the television. You need to set a TV timer and be able to control the TV with a smartphone. This is a good way to keep your children from watching more TV than they should.

Remote controls
Appliances in your home such as ovens can be dangerous for your kids. Make sure your home automation system has remote controls that can enable you to control such dangerous things by an app on your phone. Such apps will alert you when the dangerous appliances get hot and you can turn off the appliance to protect your kids.


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