How to get an instant car history check in Australia?

The car history check refers to a comprehensive report that is generated on the history of an automobile registered in any of the Australian territories or states. Such a report can offer you alerts about some important details related to a car, including history of damages, VIN information, repair and service information, total loss accident history, recall information and more. This can help you take an informed decision on whether or not you should buy a specific used vehicle. Find out how to obtain such a report in Australia.

Visit any Government Registered Website

You can check out any of the websites that are registered with the Government of Australia, and has a valid ABN (Australian Business Number). These websites generate car history check for a small fee, and let you get your report in a fast, free and secure manner from the comforts of your own home. It is possible to get public access to the data by entering your registered vehicle plate number into the website.

Enter the Plate Number

First, you have to type your registration plate number into the form. It is much easier to enter plate numbers as compared to the VIN numbers. Online platforms such as websites recognized by the Government and even private ones – but recognized Australian private businesses – are able to access any vehicle in Australia with the help of licence plate number. You can get complete information about the vehicle, including whether it was stolen, its date of registration and expiry, whether it was recorded as a write off and more. Make sure that you enter the number with accuracy, as the report will not be generated otherwise.

Make the payment

Next, you have to make the payment for the car history check. You can pay through PayPal or Card. You can get PayPal, MasterCard or Visa as the various payment options that are kept for the convenience of users. A website is the best way to make fast, simple and easy payment. Ensure that all the details are securely handled by the website. In other words, ensure that the website has a secure payment gateway system – so that your transaction details remain safe with them.

Get instant car history report

Immediately after payment, you can get the car report. Generally, the car report is mailed to the inbox of the user. View the report and download it from your email inbox. In other cases, the report is just displayed to you and you are supposed to take a printout of the same or save a screenshot of the page with the report using the “Print Screen” button and saving it in Paint as a JPG or PNG image. Keep in mind that there is a Government Certificate included in each car history report that is generated by a website. It is a good idea to check the FAQ and About section of the website that you intend to generate the report with, and also conduct some background research to verify its authenticity before you work with it.


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