How to Cure Back Pain without Surgery?

Back pain is one of the most common problem these days. Its major causes are stress, poor posture, some injury and sitting for long intervals etc. Sometimes back pain is caused by stress and tiredness, and it goes away after doing some rest. If the pain continues in its full severity for more than 4 weeks and you feel numbness in hands and feet, fatigue or dizziness then, you should consult a specialist. If there is something serious going on, a surgeon may recommend spinal surgery. But spinal surgery is a major operation which is scary and costly. In the US there are several back pain specialist in Houston, so you should consider going for the second opinion. Before going for a surgery you should know other non-surgical options for relieving back pain, here are some of them:

Pain Relief Medicines
If the pain lasts more than 4 weeks after using simple painkillers, you should pay a visit to your family physician who can prescribe an advance pain reliever according to your condition. He or she may refer you to a back pain specialist in Houston or some other city if there is a need for an expert opinion.

Chiropractic Care
An acute or chronic back pain can be treated by chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatments are usually known as adjustment, manipulation or mobilization techniques. The treatment includes applying high pressure to the targeted areas with the help of special moves or instruments, to relocate vertebrate in its right position.

Physical Therapy
Similar to chiropractic care, physical therapy also includes adjustments to the back and neck muscles and spine. This treatment also includes giving a measured number of ultraviolet rays to the specific area for pain reduction. Physiatrists use oral pain medications and injections and also counseling in back pain treatment.

This is a pain-relieving technique in which thin needles are inserted on pressure points of your body. It is an ancient Chinese technique which can give astonishing results if done properly. The needles are sometimes heated or electrocuted according to the level of pain.

Rheumatology is the study of rheumatic diseases which affects your musculoskeletal system. A rheumatologist may take your complete medical history and conducts some tests. He deeply analyzes your problem before starting the medication.

Cupping Therapy
It is a form of alternative medicine which uses suction cups on pressure points of your body. it is an ancient technique of pain reduction by doing deep tissue massage with suction cups. This technique is also used for better blood flow, relaxation of muscles or even weight loss.

Meditation and yoga are also used as a treatment for back pain. Sometimes back pain is caused by the wrong posture and right meditation techniques correct your posture. Mindful meditation is also used to treat back pain as it makes you in a position of control. A 20-minutes session of mindful meditation daily is all you need to see a visible difference in your pain.

There are a lot of ways to avoid surgery as a treatment for back pain. Some of the back pain clinics are also offering some alternative medicines so book an appointment to find out what works best for you.


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