We often see scavenger hunt games in parties, get togethers and school events. But my mom, a super creative life coach and a homemaker, bent the rules and made this game into a learning practice for her kids. Not only did it develop creative thinking among us and her students, it also helped us look forward to learning and practising our school lessons at home.

My Mom : The Star Teacher

Like typical brown families, my mom stayed at home to take care of her kids and my dad would go to office. But it wasn’t out of compulsion that my mom left her teaching job to stay at home. Often I would argue with her about why she didn’t pursue her career instead and she would say things like “because I wanted to teach my kids and let’s face it, your dad is a horrible teacher.”
And it’s true, my mom is a fabulous teacher and you would think so too once I tell you the out of the box techniques she used to teach us.

Learning My Colors

Right from the start, she has been keen on making learning fun for me and my brother. She would make a list of colors, pasted their shades on a page and asked us to collect that color’s toys in one box. One color, one box. She would then label the box with that colors name only if all the items were correct. And everytime, she would encourage us to put the toys in color assigned boxes. This is how I got my color lesson straightened.

Clearing My Science Concepts

Scavenger hunt is also how I learnt my science concepts. Although my mom wasn’t as good with science as she was with maths, she still worked her way around it and helped me and my brother learn. She would usually create a Q&A kind of scavenger hunt. She’d make flashcards of questions and we had to answer a question to get the location of our next destination. We had to go to the destination, collect the item she placed there and come back for the next question. Whoever, between me and my brother, collected all items, would be getting a reward.

Practicing My Maths

When I was in 6th grade, she would check my notebooks everyday and help me with the mistakes I was making repeatedly. I wasn’t exactly a shining star when it came to Maths. So she would design an elaborate game and create scavenger hunt riddles based on specifically the types of questions that I used to mess up. I had to solve those questions and whatever answer came, that was the secret passcode to my desktop for that day.

To Sum It All up……

My uber compassionate mother, eager to let her kids know no boundaries when it came to learning, also helped us be equally eager to create new ways to do boring stuff like organising our desks, our cupboards and completing our homework and revision to always be ready for a surprise test in the form of scavenger hunt riddles.

Last month, on her birthday, I created a scavenger hunt for her to collect her gifts. I used an online website to generate riddles for me and I printed them to plan a scavenger hunt just like she did for me. That sure did bring back some good memories for us all.

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