Home Theater College Station TX 77845

‘m going to be replacing my current Home Theater College Station with one I’m building.  This will ultimately morph into a Home Automation System.

Here are some of the highlights and design decisions:

  • Replace the current security system main board with by a Raspberry Pi.
  • It may make use of an Arduino to interface with the various contacts – not yet sure on this approach.
  • It will interface to the Internet
  • It will have a web server interface, where it can display the current status, as well as accept commands (such as “bypass a specific door alarm as I am leaving it open”).
  • It will make use of IP Tunneling for web pushes to a browser via HTML5 (web sockets).
  • It will feature SMS text messages to registered cell phones
  • It will replace the existing commercial security main board
  • It will utilize the existing window and door alarm contacts
  • It will use Python for the development language
  • It will make use of Tornado for the web server
  • It will be Object Oriented in it’s design
  • It will utilize an Object Persistence framework rather than a SQL database.  I am currently researching this framework, and no technology has yet been chosen.  Update 3/25/13 – I have chosen Python’s Shelve.
  • It will display multiple video cameras, and offer pictures and video retention.
  • It will interface to fire, carbon-dioxide and water-flood detectors.
  • It will be open source
  • It will eventually use thermocouples for multi-room temperature monitoring and possible individual-room control.
  • It will control multiple HVAC units for multi-floor homes.
  • It will be capable of controlling a BBQ smoker’s dampers at temperature, with alarms and alerts.
I will document the design, development and deployment of this system.
My Background: I have significant electrical, electronic, and software capabilities, and this project is within my scope of expertise and experience.

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