Home Improvement: How to Paint Interiors

For anyone, their home is the most valuable asset. In fact as per a report, for more than 60% Americans, their home represents more than half of their net worth. It is obvious that because of so much financial worth and personal attachment, many people try to put all their resources and efforts in home improvement.

Choose Paint Wisely:

One of the simple strategy to remodel and improve your home is to give your home a new coat of paint. If room is large then you can color walls as per color of your choosing but remember that any color other than white make your space look small. You can also opt for coloring only a single wall, in this manner you can give a more personal touch without compromising on the perceived size of your space. When it comes to colors then a clean white will always be in style and would give a great backdrop for paintings and other similar types of decorations.


There would be a few preparations that you would have to do before you start with painting. You need to put a plastic drop cloth to protect your floor. You can use spackling paste if there are any holes or cracks in the wall. In this manner you would make the whole surface even. You would use medium grit sandpaper to rub your walls before applying the paint. Your goal would be to clear all the dirt from wall so that paint would have something to stick to. While doing this you need to cover your face to save yourself from inhaling dust particles. Once the wall surface is sanded, you are good to start painting it.


It is better to add a primer even though it is not always necessary. If you are painting white over white paint then you can skip this step. If you are trying to cover up a dark color with white then you should definitely use a coat of primer. If you want to paint the trim too then you shouldn’t worry about spilling over. You would have to be careful while applying paint.


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