We all know that socks are a staple of any man’s wardrobe. However, for the majority of us, socks are merely seen as just that: a staple that serves only for the benefit of practicality and function. With this mindset, socks are cast aside as an entirely missed opportunity at evoking a keen sense of style. As stylish gents, we’re quick to pay close attention to details like ties and pocket squares, but many of us forget to extend that same attention to detail when it comes to what’s underneath our shoes. Crew Socks UK are implore you to think about your socks in a whole new light, and give these accessories the attention they sorely deserve. Socks are without a doubt an easy and, frankly, awesome way to add subtle boldness, personality, and panache to your day-to-day. With all the shapes, styles, materials, and patterns available these days, there’s a world of opportunity out there. We’re here to point you in the right direction, so you can kick up (literally) your sock game. Read on for info about sock styles and sock guidelines to choose the right pair to complete any look.

Low-Cut Sport/Ankle Socks

Socks that hit at or just below the ankle. The usage of ankle socks should be limited to moments when you are engaging in physical activity. The same rule applies to white socks (any length).

Ankle-Dress/Mid-Calf Socks

The quintessential everyman’s sock, the mid-calf sock is perfect for 9-to-5 ensembles as well as casual attire. The mid-calf sock is essential for its functional benefits, such as preventing a distracting flash of skin while you’re in the office, and its style-minded benefits, such as adding a pop of color or a pattern to your look with ease.

Over-the-Calf/Knee-Length Socks

As the name implies, yes, these traditional socks go all the way up to one’s knee. Most manufacturers do not produce this variety anymore, but some menswear stores will still offer at least a few options. You will pay a bit more due to the added material, but one surefire benefit to these is never having to worry about pulling your socks up again.


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