Why Are Google Tablets Better Than Their Competitors

We have seen people go crazy over the iPad but most of them are unable to afford it because of the sky-rocketing prices. Tablets serve a variety of purposes to adults and are even a great source of recreation for the children. Their big screens allow the users to use their favorite apps or carry out essential tasks by viewing everything on the big screen.

There are many companies which have their own range of tablets but it is Google’s Nexus 7 which has been able to attract the attention of the users and target a wider market. It is the perfect answer to Apple’s iPad which is beyond the reach of a wider audience. Here are the top reasons why Google’s Nexus 7 is a remarkable tablet:

Better Price

As compared to the rest of the tablets in the market, Nexus 7 has been priced at a very nominal rate considering its quality. It comes at a very reasonable price and has a high resale value as well. If you want to sell Google tablet, you can easily get a good price for it as it has numerous buyers in the market.

More Features

This one undoubtedly has a lot of features as compared to all other tablets on the Android operating system. Even the storage memory and the RAM are great allowing the users to have a great experience while using this tablet. It has been designed keeping the needs of the entire family in mind so anyone can use it whether for their personal, recreational, or official purposes.


One of the best things about this tablet is that it is very user-friendly and allows users belonging to all age groups to use it with ease. The children can easily learn how to operate it giving relaxation to the parents as they can allow them to use it. It is definitely a mini-computer which allows easy access and a touch screen while being portable.

Latest OS

This is the first Google device to be shipped with version 4.1 of Android nicknamed the ‘Jelly Bean’. By emphasizing the integration of Google Play, the makers have taken this tablet to a whole new level and allowed the users to enjoy an efficient OS. The intention of Google was to present it as a multimedia device thus, the software is able to support all the features but can be put to use for numerous other purposes as well.

Resilient Hardware

It is reliable, durable, and long-lasting so one doesn’t need to worry at all while giving it to children for use. There are times when the children are not careful enough and can drop it but no damage will be done to the screen or to the hardware given the fact that this tablet has a strong built.

One can easily get a good price if he plans to Sell Google Tablets because of the qualities which have been mentioned above.


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