Go Perky with the Steal-Worthy Perks of Quilts

The entities that complete a perfect bed setting are a comfy mattress, beautiful bedsheet and light but warm quilt. This setting will lure you in the ocean of comfort and warmth.
Quilts are basically light-weight comforters. These have 3 or 4 layers of cotton which are wrapped in a cotton fabric and fixed at the place using quilting technique. The thread is quilted on the quilt in a beautiful pattern.

Unlike the old heavy comforters, these fantastic quilts are super light in weight. And, this doesn’t mean that these are not warm. The quilts adapt to body temperature and keep you warm!

If you are planning to buy a cotton quilts online and are unsure about whether to make the purchase or not, then get acquainted with the benefits these superb comforters offer.

1. Snuggly and breathable:
Proper ventilation is required while sleeping under a coverlet and this is successfully achieved if you select the cotton quilts.

Unlike the heavy coverlets, the cotton quilts as made from cotton allows your body to breathe. Being a natural material, cotton absorbs all the body sweat and keeps your body temperature maintained. You feel warm and cosy under a cotton quilt.
Keep your body stays cool and dry!

2. Freedom of movement:
People who love to change the sides again and again throughout the night, the heavy coverlets are not for you! Get rid of them now. The cotton quilts allow freedom of movement.
These are light in weight so if you wish to sleep on your stomach or you wish to sleep sideways, you can easily do so.

3. Super light:
The only perk that we have boasted till now, ‘lightweight’. But, do you know why quilts are light in weight? It’s because these have no zipper, no hood and no extra fabric weight.

This makes them super light! If you are a person that doesn’t like to sulk under the weight then the quilt is here to be light and warm.

4. Gentle on skin:
As cotton is a natural material, it is soft on the skin. This won’t give you rashes or allergies. It’s because the cotton material is a hypoallergenic fabric which makes it apt for any skin type.

If you have sensitive skin then it’s a big YES for you to go for it.

5. Flight-friendly:
As already mentioned, being made from multiple layers of cotton with a fabric surrounding it, the quilts have less weight and are super thin too. This makes them travel-friendly.

Whether you are travelling by train or flight or bus, the cotton quilts can be your buddy. Take these along with you and it will take negligible space in your bag.
Plus, in flights where every Kg is counted, the quilts will be perfect. So, gift your loved one’s quilts by taking them with you while travelling.

6. An ocean of choices:
The sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of cotton quilts served online. From red, yellow and other bright hues to blues, purple and other subtle colours, the cotton quilts are available in every colour and print.

Get traditional block printed ones or contemporarily styled quilts, whichever suits the theme of your bedroom.

7. Use them anywhere:
Quilts are not just limited to the bedroom. You can use them around the different zones, for instance, if you feel like watching late night movie with your partner in the living room then take the quilt outside and enjoy the movie with the warmth of the quilt.

You can even use it as an entity to cover the sofa so it looks like a modern makeover. And, instead of using it as a cover, use it as a bedsheet!
There are many things that you can do with a quilt.

Highlighted above are the perks of owning a cotton quilt. If you are thinking to purchase one or gift it to your loved ones, make sure you buy it from a known site.

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