Get To Know Futons Better

Today’s market is full of unique products that came into popularity only a few years back. One of these unique and stylish products is – a Futon or a Futon Bed.

You must be familiar with this furniture unit. Either you’ve seen it on the internet or you’ve used it at your friend’s place.

But, do you really know from where did this sofa like structure came? What it is made of? What are its uses and advantages? And, why they are becoming so popular?

If ‘no’, then here’s the perfect “all about futons” guide to make you friendly with this super-comfortable furniture piece.

Where did futons actually came from?

Futons were originally used in Japan as bedding. Futons were a set of two mattresses, from which one was the ‘spreading futon’ and the other was the ‘covering futon’. They used it as bedding because it was comfortable for sleeping at night and could be rolled and stored inside a large closet so that the room can be used for other purposes in the day time.

What exactly is a futon?

A futon or a futon bed actually looks like a couch but it isn’t a couch. And, it’s neither a sofa nor a mattress. It is something unique made out from all the benefits of these furniture units to serve as a single solution to all the problems. See the Voltz Fabric Sofa Cum Bed, at Wooden Street. It is the perfect example of a futon sofa bed.

What does a futon actually comprises of ?

Futons were originally made by compressing layers of organic materials like cotton, wool and latex. These materials were the reason behind their comfort and softness.

Today, the process of construction and the materials used to make a futon have changed. Futons, these days, are manufactured from materials like the ones given below.

Cotton and foam – Cotton futons are best to use occasionally. Complete cotton futons get heavier and firm, that’s why a layer of foam is added to decrease the weight and increase the softness.

Innerspring – Futons made from innerspring provide more support to the body in comparison with the other materials because they have springs placed between upper and lower upholstery layers.

The Winsley Futon Bed, at Wooden Street is such a futon bed which provides at-most support and comfort to the body.

What are futons generally used for?

Futons can be used in numerous ways –

A sofa – The futon mattress can be placed on a wooden sofa frame and can be used as comfortable and restful sofa set.

A bed – The futon mattress can be used as a spongy, soft, relaxing bed at the night time by unfolding the futon mattress. See the Coleman Futon Bed, at Wooden Street, which will provide you enormous comfort.

Futons are available in a wide range of colors, so you can buy a futon that perfectly matches the theme of your room.

These futon beds are great space saviors, so these are perfect for people living in small apartments and dorm rooms.

Get these wonderful pieces of comfort and decoration for your home, office, lounge or anywhere from a near-by market or online in affordable prices.

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