Explore the glory and beauty of furniture units made of Mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl furniture units has attracted the eyes of several people for many ages. Every unit seems to be full of colours and refracts the light. People belonging to varied lifestyles and backgrounds such as tribes, societies and countries have appreciated this gorgeous-looking furniture style. They all have brought their own touch and flavour to this unique looking furniture. The artistic furniture has taken over the globe with its charisma and eye appealing trait. The roots of it can be seen in the Turkish tradition, and the originators of it are the Ottoman Turks.

Mother of Pearl is the material derived from the outer covers of molluscs and oysters. It has been brought or taken out from the shells of pseudopods like snails. Hence we should be respectful towards the sensitive and delicate creations of the Almighty by naming it “covers” or “shells.” the background of it is- the creatures from which they are taken out don’t have them from the very start of their lives. The covers slowly grow and acquire them around their bodies to save them from the lethal animals. A shell is a resting place for the young ones to which they go back when they face any kind of danger.

We should feel obliged to these animals for making the houses which we utilise in the making of the beautiful shining carvings of the mother of pearl furniture units. These shells come in different shades and hues all according to the kind of animal it is, and to the background, they belong to. There is a diverse variety of the mother of pearl material which carpenters along with the designers use to bring out the sparkling and great looking furniture pieces. There are some characteristics or traits of which should be taken care of. These are as follows:

1) these units should be of some thickness so that this art can be practised on them.
2) they should reflect the shades of which are found in a rainbow.
3) the colours of MOP should be very eye pleasing and eye-arresting.

The first thing that one should consider in the making of MOP is to make a configuration or model of wood with compressed wood and solid woods consisting of mango, teak and sheesham. Little particles of the material out of which MOP chemical is made should be washed completely and carefully with acids and other chemicals so that they are made pure and germ-free. The most popular and loved designs are the floral ones. On the surface, there are made beautiful flowers and leaves. It is in the engravings that are poured the glittering chemical. It’s very difficult and requires a lot of hard work.

The mother of pearl units are different and spell bounding in every manner. They are completely different from the ancient or traditional furniture pieces. The units made with the mother of pearl are designed or carved with utmost care. There are special artisans and designers appointed for this work, and everything is brought into shape with a lot of patience. The tools and techniques that are required to shape the furniture have been brought down for generations. The artwork which these furniture units need to come in form is inlaid. First, the designs are made, and then the liquid is slowly poured into them which have shone like a rainbow. The covers have a pearl-like appearance which grabs the eyes of people.

There is a wide variety of them which can be found on the site:

White coloured mother of pearl: this kind has come from the pearls which are of oysters. The reflective element is found high in it, and this is the reason why it is so famous among people.

This is derived from the pearl carrying oysters. Its reflective characteristics are high, and it is one of the most commonly used types of this material.
Glowing Mother of Pearl: this kind of MOP are mostly seen in the hues of pink and green.
Chip Mother of Pearl: Furniture made out of this comes in various shades.
Stone Mother of Pearl: the shade which is seen in it is of white colour and don’t have much of the reflective quality.
Mat Mother of Pearl: the pieces created by this have a dull grey shade and has a less reflective index.
Mother of pearl furniture units have never gone out of the league, and the reason is that it looks royal and appealing to the eyes and hearts. Read the above points to get updated on the furniture which is gorgeous in every bit. So, before the best units get away from your grip go and get them.


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