What to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant.

Losing your teeth can be devastating, you can lose your ability to enjoy certain foods and you may longer feel confident in your looks. You avoid smiling and your self-esteem can be severely affected. On top of that, people will make fun of you of you lost your teeth, losing one’s teeth can make them much older than they really are. Accordingly, thanks to medical technology, it is now possible to get permeant false teeth implanted in the jaw – that are just as strong as natural teeth – if not any stronger

If you are looking to get a dental implant this Christmas, certainly you are giving yourself a gift that will last a lifetime and will improve the quality of your life as well as your look. What’s more, it is likely that you are looking to restore your smile back or need to have teeth to restore your chewing effectiveness. Accordingly, many people are confused what is involved in getting Dental Implants in Blackburn. Certainly, sometimes having preconceived notions about how scary the whole procedure is can make people avoid getting the procedure. However, this article will breakdown what to expect when getting a dental implant.


First and foremost, the procedure requires that your jaw be anesthetized, this mean that the dentist will prick your jaw and inject a numbing solution. This will completely numb your mouth and you won’t feel anything after that. However, this is by far the most painful part of the procedure, and something you always must endure when visiting the dentist. The dentist will prick you several times, so you have to be mentally and physically ready for the shots.

Accessing the jaw bone:

The second step involves accessing the jaw bone. Here, the dentist will make an incision with a very fine blade to access the bone. After doing so, a pilot hole is created by drilling in the bone. Next, the dentists will evaluate the space, by measuring it with a measuring tool. The dentist may further drill to make sure that the pilot hole is up to the required specs. Once everything checks out, the dentist will move on to the next step.

Drilling the hole for the implant:

There needs to be a screw that needs to be inserted into the hole, therefore, the dentist will need to thread inside the hole previously drilled, this is to ensure that a screw can be inserted into the hole. Now the dental implant screw will be placed in your jaw. Once that is done, the surgical site will be stitched up to let the healing take place. You’ll have to wait for the healing to take place before a dental implant can be implanted in your jaw.

Time to insert the implant:

Depending on your medical condition, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to fully heal. Once that is done, your dentist will place the implant and you can go ahead and enjoying the foods you love with your new dental implants.


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