If you want to buy a wooden baby crib online then you must be surfing the net to get to know everything about cribs!

Through my research, I’ve gathered all the information about wooden cribs and have presented here so that it can help you in every way possible. So, just have a glance!

What are baby cribs?

A baby crib or a baby cot is a bed for your little ones with barred or latticed sides. It can be understood as a normal bed with the only difference being the bars on its sides.

When to use baby cots?

Baby cribs are useful till your baby is around 24 months. The wooden crib is not much high. So, it is useful only till your baby doesn’t escape out by himself from the baby cot.

Why to buy a wooden crib for your munchkin?

Baby cribs are used for making your kid sleep in it. It is safer than a bed because it has side bars on all the four sides of it. Hence, you can leave your baby unattended when he’s sleeping and you can do any other work without worrying about your child.

Where to buy wooden baby cribs?

Wooden baby cribs are available in a wide range in market as well as online. It’s totally your choice from where you want to buy. But, I would suggest you to buy baby cots online because it is very convenient to shop baby cribs online. You don’t even need to go anywhere. You can browse through a number of varieties and choose a perfect baby crib online for your toddler.

How to choose a Wooden cribs design?

Baby cot online are available in numerous designs and colors. Decision of what to buy depends upon the theme of your child’ playroom. The color of the baby crib should go with the interior of the kid’s room. You can even buy a blue crib for a boy and a pink crib for a girl.

Cribs can even be chosen with wonderful designs like those of stars, flowers or cartoons. These are generally engraved on wooden baby cribs.

What does it mean by cribs being hygienic?

Wooden cribs are generally of a height that lies nearly around your tot’s mouth when he’s standing in the crib. If it is your kid’s teething time, then no matter what you try to keep your kid away from the railing of the crib, he would surely try to lick it. And then, what will he have in his mouth is paint and wooden particles!

So, to keep your child healthy and hygienic, first your crib should me made hygienic. You can find cribs online that have teething railings that are made for this purpose only. Hence, they will surely ease your child’s teething process.

What are the types of cribs available in the market?

There are a variety of cribs available in the market and online according to various purposes. Some of the types of baby cribs are –

Standard cribs – These are basic structured cribs that have a wooden base with side bars on all four sides and has four legs below the bed. These cribs are not movable.

Convertible cribs – These cribs can be converted to a number of units by folding or unfolding its various parts. It can be converted into a bed when your child grows up or can be made into a sofa for kids with keeping the side bars of three sides intact and removing from one side.

Multi-Utility cribs- These cribs have several compartments below the bed which can be used for storage purposes. You can store extra beddings or your child’s toys in it. It helps in better organization of your stuff and helps in keeping your room spick and span.

Conclusion: This was all about baby cribs that you need to know. So, get a crib for your little tot and enjoy your work while your kid sleeps in it safely.

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