Essential features that home stylists focus on during home staging

Property styling Sydney should be done by a professional because they are highly trained to focus on specific areas to enhance the value of your property. They also know how to work under tight budgets to yield the best results. It makes sense to play with the strength of your property and includes photos that portray the best features of your home to market your
Bowls of identical fruit
Fruits get sold in multiples and they can be helpful to have everything in the same colour. This will make the photos to pop a bit more. It will also be less of a hassle to buy bags of lemons and make a bowl than creating a fruit salad that is not going to be noticed by potential buyers.
Mirrors can also enhance the look of your house. Stylists use classy circular mirrors to win the heart of the buyer. When the buyer enters the house, the first thing they notice is them being reflected in the mirror. This gives them a sense of ownership and makes them want to buy the house. This is a common thing in home styling and if done well, it can give your house some high marks.
People in motion
When taking photos for marketing purpose of the house, stagers like to take photos of people in motion. They are however careful with this because they should not send a personalized house
impression. They only want to send a message to the buyer that the house is spacious and cool to be in. in most cases, the faces of the people are not revealed.
Expensive mineral water
The best thing about mineral water is that everyone appreciates it in their house. Some people may not like the presence of beer and wine in the house but I have never heard of anyone who doesn’t like to have mineral water in their house. Stagers utilize this and ensure that they get expensive and classy mineral water.
Portraits of nature
Home stagers are normally against leaving your own photos in the house for marketing purposes because buyers need to see a vacant nice home and not an occupied home. Stagers can, therefore, use portraits of birds, animals and natural bodies such as mountains to boost the
appearance of the house.
The sitting room
During property styling Sydney, most stagers try to focus on the sitting room. Of course, other rooms are not neglected but the sitting room is normally given special attention to make sure that it is appealing. Most buyers will use the sitting room to judge the whole house and there have been cases where buyers spend most of their time in the sitting room while viewing the property.

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