Enhance the living room by incorporating diwan beds

Is your living room stuffed with all the necessary colossal furniture units like sofa sets, chairs, centre tables and other accessories too like lovely drapery, beautiful vases with flowers, etc., but something is still missing!!
A furniture unit that could make optimum use of the space next to a window or the vacant nooks, i.e., Diwan bed.
As soon as you hear the word diwan, you imagine an old-fashioned compact bed with frills and patterns over it lying next to a window in a dull and uninviting way. But, it’s not so!! Divan beds have become a new fashion trend, and the excellent craftsmanship is gaining top-notch levels in their designing sense in the world of furniture to next level.
Recently, the demand for divan beds has been up surged at a rapid pace giving this piece of furniture an enormous popularity.
But what is the reason for this popularity? Whether its diwan furniture’s silhouette or beautiful hues or the various designs? Let’s find out what amazes the homeowners most about these fantastic diwan bed.
1. Get the benefits of two in one:
It would be amazing if these beds could provide two purposes through its phenomenal structure!!
Single divan bed can serve as an extra bedding when guests arrive. And, if you possess two units of diwan furniture, then you can put them aside each other and create a double bed for yourself or your guests.
Sofa at daytime and sleeping place at night-time, what else do you need!!
It’s a fabulous pick for your living and at the same time your bedroom or guest room as well.
Flaunt them as two separate furniture pieces in the living or make a single unit in the bedroom, the furniture has it all.
Assemble different colours cushions and beautiful bolsters to give it a touch of elegance and luxury.
2. The storage space is never enough:
What do you generally expect from a bed frame? Hidden storage space at least, because making the most out of an entity is obligatory.
And are you short with space in your compact apartment and can’t make way for a vast wooden almirah? Then stop wondering. Because the unique, upgraded design of diwan with storage is there to help.
This can make the room clutter free in a matter of minutes. Be it your clothes, quilts, valuables, or other house hold stuff; it has the capability to stack up everything.
3. The marvellous designs to lure you:
No wonder diwan beds win customers heart with the attractive designs and flawless patterns.
This furniture unit comes in various designs to suit the desires of the homeowner and to match the decors of his/her living.
Browse through the extensive range of diwan beds available online on woodenstreet.com which have durable solid wood made furniture.
The angelica divan in the honey finish at woodenstreet.com is an ultimate example of simple yet effective design. The criss-cross pattern at the back gives an elegant appeal to your living decor.
4. Size to suit every need:
Different homeowners have different needs, and it is essential for them to keep the space available in the room at the topmost priority.
These diwan beds are available online in different sizes. But the design of these beautiful beds is such that regardless of the dimensions, they are a perfect fit everywhere.
Whether you possess an inapt-sized bedroom or a lavish living, you can quickly mark the footprints of diwan beds.
Magnify the looks of your home with the stunning diwan furniture and make your purchase worth it.


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