Empower Women

A woman is an integral part of today’s society and there is a need to empower her identity in modern times, especially because she has every right to be treated equally with men in every sphere of life and society. Opportunities for her have sprung up contributing to her empowerment, which refers to strengthening them in a social, economic, educational, emotional perspective in order to them become more confident.

Believing in this idea, a special form of coaching was created. It is called identity coaching for empower women, where the approach is so broad that englobes life coaching, career coaching and even personal style coaching specifically to help them to find their inner and outer beauty in order to rises up women’s self esteem.

The empowerment of a woman would result in the overall development of society both at micro and macro level.

In a micro level, intelligence and a well defined identity, combined with self knowledge about themselves make them stronger and consequently they canchoose in this huge world of possibilities. For instance, if they want or not to become a mother, if they want or not be an employee, if they want or not live in another country, if they want or not a religion to follow. Although, a woman wants someone to love, they do not need anymore to be emotionally or financially dependent of a men. She is the only life creator and maintainer of herself. A woman who know deep herselfand her valuescontribute with a better and more developed society, because it reflex into a macro level.

In a macro level, active participation of women in all activities, areas and decisions would contribute towards overall development of our world, taking into account that a woman can no more be kept behind the curtains doing only domestic duties. For this reason, theycan be seen working as pilots, and even holding the helm of a country’s administration. A woman today no longer lags behind the man in the most occupations and draw the attention of the world, not just because they are beautiful, but become they are really competent in their expertise’s fields .Nowadays, they hold a position to work in innovative projects in startups and making millions as entrepreneur

There are several ways to empower women. An identity coach is a professional who can help them, because it can empower woman through the creation of a safer and welfareenvironment in which they can express who they truly are without any judgements. It is a way to preparing them mentally for intellectual, spiritualand emotional tasks with a knowledge that can transcend into a their real identity.

Nonetheless, social standards and ideas of “what women should be or do in life” have to be vanished in this era to open up space to their self development and inner consciousness. It is as a very important tool that can be leveraged upon a way to empower a woman. The coaching process made them aware of the access to their inner resources that can build their own ideas of beauty. If this is done, it will invariablyraise the status of a woman’s self esteem. The identity of an empowered woman is essentialto empower others in the scheme of social change.


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