Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists 4/0 Welding Cable is Second to None

Welding shops and machine operations with welding stations will understand the value Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) brings to the table with their 600-volt 4/0 Welding Cable.

Made in the USA
Because EWCS manufactures all their products in the United States, they know they are being held to the highest and strictest standards on the planet. Their 4/0 AWG Welding Cable is no exception. Copper of the highest quality is used to make the individual copper conduit strands in the Welding Cable. By using the highest quality base metal available, EWCS manufactures their Welding Cable without nicks or cuts in the copper as occurs often with offshore products. This makes the Welding Cable resistant to breaks and disconnects within the conduit.

Highly Flexible Welding Cable
The way EWCS manufactures their Welding Cable makes it possible to engineer and construct flexibility into the product unlike other manufacturers. With EDPM Insulation sheathing, the 4/0 Welding Cable is extremely useful in conditions where the cable is moving back and forth. In applications where the cable must be placed against walls and around bulkheads, the flexibility makes it possible to go around corners and be threaded into tight confines.

Consistent Power Delivery
Due to the manufacturing processes EWCS puts their welding cable through, it is able to withstand temperatures between -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) up to 105 degrees Celsius (221 degrees Fahrenheit) consistently carrying 600 volts. The pure Copper conduit delivers the power without fluctuations or reduction in voltage.

More Uses for EWCS 4/0 Welding Cable
Welding Cable can also be used for Battery cables, Inverter cables, Solar Power Hook-ups, and other applications. The EDPM Rubber insulating sheath is resistant to oils, gasoline, alkali, acids, water, and light. Regardless of the application, Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists have all the terminals and accessories customers may need in stock and ready to ship with their welding cable.

Buying From the Best is Easy
Customers can go to Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists’ website at www.ewcswire.com and see all the choices available for their 4/0 Welding Cable. On the website customers find specifications and data on all the products EWCS offers. If there are any questions or if customers require further information, they can go to [email protected] or they can call 800-262-1598 and get answers from professionals.

Welding Cable Specialists
Like the name implies, EWCS really are wire and cabling specialists, so if there is any modification that needs to be made to the Welding Cable or any customization before the cable is shipped, EWCS is able to handle the change or modification easily. EWCS can install Lenco or Tweco fittings.

Factory Direct Prices on 4/0 Welding Cable
Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists sells Factory Direct to their customers saving them time and money. All orders are shipped the same day the order is received (except custom product orders) and orders over $40 ship for free in the continental United States. With the combined savings for factory direct pricing, free shipping, and fast turnaround on orders, many customers appreciate the time and money they save when buying from EWCS.

A Quarter of a Century of Service
Some folks are reluctant to purchase products on the internet because of the risks associated with buying off the internet but EWCS’ customers have been doing business with the company since 1994. That’s a long time and a lot of satisfied customers. Go to the website at www.ewcswire.com and see customer reviews and ratings because that’s where EWCS is truly graded on its quality, value, and capabilities.

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