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Electrical Engineering Assignment Help – Difference between Electric and Electronic Engineering

What is Electrical Engineering?

It is one of the newer branches of engineering, capable of stamping its impact in the late 19th Century. It basically deals with the electricity and its related fields like electronics and magnetism. The job of an electrical engineer is to work and handle electricity and electrical components. Electrical engineering assignments are based on all aspects of creating and maintaining electrical machinery.

Electrical engineering job ranges handling of tiny electrical circuits to huge power generators. With the development of this branch we have the comfort of using electrical appliances for our convenience at home or work office. Ranging from the ones we use in kitchens like food processors, microwaves, juicers, mixers, grinders, dough makers, blenders, steamers, boilers, rice cookers and what not, we have made lives of our ladies easy. They once started their day from the kitchen and also ended there. They were not able to do any major work apart from household chores. On the other hand office automation equipment like personal computers, laptops, photocopiers, scanners, printers, coffee machines, shredders, components needed in lighting, emergency sprinklers etc are also a marvel of electrical engineering.

A Difference in Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

Electronics engineering is in fact a sub field of electrical engineering. Electronics engineering designs and creates electronic devices having components like transistors, diodes and ICs or Integrated Circuits. These components work on the principles of electrical engineering like voltage, current, digital and analog equipments, power control systems etc.

Our electronic components work on the principles of electricity. Ranging from computers to the latest smart phones everything has electronic circuitry. Here one thing is kept in mind, the voltage; it is limited to mostly five volts with a low operational current.

Electrical engineering works on the principles like study and application of flow of electrons whereas Electronics engineering works on the principles like study and application of flow of charge both positive and negative.

In the case of conductors and insulators (Electrical Engineering), we study only the flow of electrons whereas in case of semi conductors (Electronics Engineering) we study flow of both the positive and negative charges.

Electrical engineering besides including electronics also includes power generation and distribution, electromechanical devices, AC and DC motors, computer devices, transformers, electromagnets etc. Electronics engineering is thought of working on analog and digital platforms, computer architecture, association and application of semiconductor devices, vacuum tubes, thermionic valves etc.

So keeping in view the above discussion there is a clear and distinct difference between Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This difference should be kept in mind while solving assignments concerned with electrical engineering. The students should keep these points in mind for future reference.

How to get Electrical Engineering Assignment Help from Professionals?

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