Easy and Beautiful Funeral Memorial Cards from The Funeral Program Site

Losing a loved one is devastating, and in the wake of such heavy grief you may be feeling lost and overwhelmed. There’s a lot to be done in such little time, all while you’re still coming to terms with everything that’s happened. This is where the folks at The Funeral Program Site can step in. Their team is at the ready to help you sort the various printing details of the upcoming funeral, from programs and flyers to Funeral Memorial Cards and guest books to share with friends and family as you come together to celebrate the life of the person who has passed.

The Funeral Program Site has predesigned templates that you can personalize with pictures and text, making it easy to design a full set of coordinated stationary and memorial pieces quickly and with no confusion. There are two styles of predesigned cards that can be shipped straight to your home: folded and no fold memorial cards. Both styles of card are 4.25” wide x 5.5” high, approximately a quarter of a standard letter sheet of paper, but the folded cards offer four printed spaces, while the no fold cards are simply front and back. The two different funeral memorial cards serve different purposes. Folded cards fit neatly into envelopes for mailing and spreading the word, and as such, they can even be ordered with envelopes if you choose. No fold cards are best as memory cards or larger prayer cards, as their size and design make them easy to incorporate into a home memorial display after the event.

Regardless of the style of card you choose, you have the option of either a shineless matte finish or a glossy finish for your cards and can specify your delivery date to ensure these cards arrive on time. The Funeral Program Site works hard to ensure you will have everything you need, which is why they ship your order the next day after you approve the proof of your cards that they send you within 2-3 hours after you’ve submitted your personalization content, such as photographs, to them.

When you submit a photo of your loved one to be printed on the front of your card, the team at The Funeral Program Site will expertly remove its background, so that your picture blends professionally onto the backdrop of your choosing. There is a wide range of backdrops to choose from, allowing you to find the best way to represent your loved one’s personality and lifestyle, and ultimately personalize all your funeral materials to suit them. You can find religious backdrops with Christian imagery, or natural backdrops with images of waterfalls, flowers, or beaches. There are also more simplistic backdrops such as color gradients to boldly highlight the photo you choose to put on the front of the card. Because The Funeral Program Site prints their own cards, you will be able to find these same backdrops in their other printed materials, allowing you to match your funeral programs and flyers to your funeral memorial cards for a cohesive appearance.

Finally, The Funeral Program Site offers you the option to fully customize your cards by providing both the backdrop and the photo and text details. If you have a favorite photo of your loved one with a background you’d like to keep on the card, you can have it printed in full without any cropping. Alternatively, if you have a landscape image or your own backdrop that you’d prefer than The Funeral Program Site’s options, you can have that used instead of one of their defaults, and their team will seamlessly blend the photo of your loved one with the backdrop you provide. This gives you the freedom to customize your memorial cards to your heart’s content while still not having to worry about the printing details or other logistics. Through The Funeral Program Site, you can simply choose the elements you want to be incorporated into your memorial and leave the rest up to them. Their team will take care of the minutia so you can spend this hard time with the friends and family who matter most.

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