Discover The Quality Aerobic Exercise Flooring Option for the Garage

Exercise is important. We can all agree on that. In recent years, there has been a significant spike in health conscious individuals who aspire to exercise frequently. As gyms raise the rates of their memberships and individuals have become increasingly busy and or self-aware about how they look when exercising, it can often be hard to find a place and or time to exercise effectively. Due to these limitations, one popular solution has become the conversion of extra spaces within the home into personal gyms. Gym equipment has become more available and open to everyone, so these personal gyms are better alternatives to spending money on a gym memberships. What is better than exercising in the comfort of your own home?

If a spare room cannot be found, some people have engaged in turning their garages into exercise spaces. The garage is often an underutilized space, and with most houses having driveways, it serves as a great potential space. Unfortunately, a lot of these proposed places contain flooring options that are not beneficial for exercise. Carpet is susceptible to dirt and bacteria, making them sufficient breeding grounds to germs, thus adding sweat and other bodily fluids into the mix, carpets are not a great option for a gym. Additionally, the concrete of your garage is not comfortable and will increase the chances of bodily harm and damage. In these case, one should invest in aerobic floors.  If this process of conversion seems attractive to you, here are a few flooring quality options to consider for your garage or exercise room.

Aerobic Tile Vinyl

Tile Vinyl has the appearance of wood but costs significantly less to purchase and install. The tiles snap together meaning it can be installed without any professional assistance. Additionally, the snap-technology means the tiles can be installed without the need for glue and nails, resulting in an easy removal process if necessary. Each tile has a series of “pins” along the one side and a selection of holes on the other. Pins connect to the holes and so the tiles are connected. Simple as that! Once connected the tiles they aren’t likely to come apart.

Impact Tile Vinyl is incredibly durable, the wooden finish is meant to last you a lifetime. Floors for exercise have a notable spring to them and underneath the Tile Vinyl, exists a 3mm rubber underlay working to absorb the shock and impact. The cushioned underlayer helps to prevent injury and fatigue for your exercise needs, working as a perfect solution to other aerobic floors.

Aerobic Tiles

Another great cost-effective solution to aerobic flooring are Aerobic Tiles. Created from 100% recycled cable grade PVC, ensuring a environmentally friendly solution; furthermore, it is not affected by heat, cold, sunlight or humidity (except for the red tiles). The unique aspect of these tiles is their traction as each 12X12” tile has a selection of 250 raised discs. On the other side, the tiles have a ¾” thick air support system which is activated under the pressure of 35lbs. This sensitive activation makes it incredibly appropriate for your exercise needs as it is absorbs almost any kind of pressure, releasing stress from ankles and preventing injury.

Another major plus of aerobic tiles are that they come in a variety of colors: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Royal Blue, Pool Blue, Forest Green, Red and Yellow; allowing great space for creativity in creating a unique design for your studio or a uniform layout.

For ideas, check out a few flooring ideas or allow your creative juices to run wild and have fun with it!

Wood Vinyl

If you are looking for the aesthetic of wood, but want the spring of synthetic materials without an underlayer, Wood Vinyl combines the benefits of both Aerobic TileVinyl and Aerobic Tiles; with an appearance like wood but with the support and performance factor of synthetic flooring. Wood Vinyl has low maintenance cost as it doesn’t need to be sanded down or refining. Additionally, Wood Vinyl doesn’t a rubber underlayment due to its natural bounce and support. Furthermore, it is the most hygenic option, due to bacteria and fungal treatment and it also meet industry requirement to bouncing balls off its surface. Nevertheless, Wood Vinyl still needs to be cleaned appropriately.

Floating Wood Flooring

The most popular and frequently used option within the range of aerobic floors would be the Floating Wood Flooring. Firstly, it contains the revolutionary “click and go” technology meaning installation is super simple without the need for screw, nails or adhesives, reducing installation fees and fears. This technology also makes this flooring transportable in case you move or require the need to put it into another room. It is this flexibility that makes this option so popular amongst fitness experts. Other options require the support of a rubber underlayer, however, Floating Wood Flooring has an integrated spring sub flooring making it ideal for dance and other aerobic activities. It can be directly placed over concrete making it a great solution for garages. Easy installation, Naturally Springy, and Transportable, what’s there not to love about Floating Wood Flooring!

Before any monetary transaction takes place, ensure the option you wish to purchase caters to the specific location you wish to place it in. Your garage is susceptible to frequent temperature changes, dirt and debris from the outside, while insects and other critters can find their way in. Keeping these instances in mind before purchasing your particular flooring will help you to make an informed decision. These options are cost-effective, low maintenance and eco-friendly industry standard solutions and highly competitive alternatives to other flooring options for your needs.

Comparatively, as your life and housing situation continues to change, your flooring option should be able to keep up. Any transferable and adaptable option is going to serve you best especially for the future. The aforementioned options are sustainable and relatively transportable options. Their interlocking technology makes them adaptable to various changes and durable during high impact situations. With a variety of applications for a wide selection of activities, one should consider purchasing one of these options. See more visit:  Specialized Fitness Resources.

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