Direct selling is a new pattern of Marketing

Direct selling companies like Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd. is giving cut throat competition to the physical market.

Direct selling is a pattern where concept of retail is skipped. There is no dedicated shop for selling goods it takes place from home or any other locations. One more specialty regarding goods of Direct selling marketing is that they are not available in any other market store in other words any retail stores. People who are working with the company sell the product by giving self presentation, demonstration and other information from their home or office.

There are different types of Direct selling:

· Single level Direct sales: We all have heard about Door to Door sales or one on one. This type of selling involves in –person presentation. Income earned through this type of presentation is generally commission based.

· Multi level Marketing: It has wider aspect of marketing as it generally involves a team. It includes sometimes single but mostly party or group presentation through online stores and catalogs. Earnings are totally based on commission on sales.

This pattern is also known as Network Marketing but not always direct sales mean Network marketing.

· Hostess or Party Plan: This pattern is basically based on group of distributors meetings. People mingle at a given location; this location is mostly the house of one of those in the group. They conduct presentation about the products spread information and discuss about developing new marketing strategy.

This type of marketing is the best way to promote products or services that is not supported by a well known brand. Even if the product or service is new to the market it promotes them to the fullest. It involves attractive offers, delivery through a suitable direct marketing channel and prime objective is to target the relevant customer segment. During the whole process effective communication plays a vital role.

Nowadays the online mode has made it a little easy for mangers to identify the actual picture of growth or result of their campaign. Promotion has got the gift of Internet. These days website are and online advertisements are playing major role in spreading the awareness. There are other ways as well to see the results where the manager can compare the projected sales or new generation of leads for a given term with actual sales.

Today, buyers have this choice to have any product or services through direct selling somewhere in the world. Earlier this was limited to only cosmetic or cleaning products but now it has gone ahead and reached till Medicines, Home waresand kitchen appliances. So, it can be definitely said that now it has been globally accepted marketing pattern which is working like a substitute of the physical market. Hence, it has also a cut throat competition where every company has to come up with different ideas and plans. They have also to come up with interesting and eye catchy incentive plans to satisfy the monetary needs of their distributors.

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