The Different Types of Medical Transportation

People with special medical needs require assistance in traveling. They cannot just move about on their own and rely on other people or special transportation services to take them to places. There are different kinds of medical transportation services which have been categorized according to the main purpose served by them. Some of them are used on a daily basis while others are specific to use only in special circumstances.

There are four major types of medical transportation which have been explained below. If you or someone you know needs the help of these services, they can infer which type will suit their needs the best:

This is definitely the most commonly used medical transportation and can be seen on roads. They serve a number of people especially those who have been caught up in an emergency and need medical attention as soon as possible. The ambulances save so many lives on a daily basis by transferring the patients to the hospital. They are also used in taking patients from one medical unit to another.

Commercial Flights
Sometimes, the commercial airlines also serve the role of a medical transportation and can transfer patients from one place to another. These airlines provide free tickets to those who need to travel thousands of miles to get the required medical care. Unfortunately, everyone cannot avail this opportunity as it is limited to only a few who satisfy the prerequisites laid by them. Only those patients are taken who are requested by a non-profit hospital and cannot afford the expenses of traveling on their own. The airlines provide the tickets to the hospitals who decide which patient is deserving enough to get them.

Non-Emergency Transportation
Mostly, when we think of a medical transportation only those services come to our mind which can transfer the patient from the sight of emergency to a hospital. However, this is not the sole purpose of medical transportation. There are patients who cannot drive and need help from someone to go to the doctor’s appointment or even the grocery store. The non-emergency medical transportation helps them in this regard by providing a vehicle and a driver who can take the patient to their desired location. They have different kinds of vehicles in their fleet which come equipped with the amenities which are required by the patient.

Air MedEvac
If there is no hospital nearby and one has landed himself in a medical emergency, Air MedEvac is the solution for them. It is a helicopter which can transfer the patient thousands of miles in a limited time in order to save him. It is more or less like the ambulance and a team of paramedics is on board to monitor the condition of the patient throughout the journey.

Each of these medical transportation services is of very high value and come with their own share of benefits and provide relief and comfort to those who are struggling in their lives.


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