Different Procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry for Dental Issues

There was a time when people visited dentists only to resolve serious, painful dental issues such as bleeding gums, tooth decay or damaged jaws. But now the things have changed and people are visiting dentists to improve their appearances even though if they are not suffering from any painful dental conditions.

Considering people’s beauty needs, cosmetic dentistry has been revolutionized with various effective procedures that can totally change the look of your mouth. Now you can smile confidently and enjoy a beautiful facial appearance with the magic of cosmetic dentistry.

To deal with different sorts of dental issues, cosmetic dentistry includes various procedures. Here are some of the most commonly used cosmetic dentistry methods:

1. Teeth whitening
Many people get stained teeth due to smoking and drinking. With the procedure of teeth whitening, all kinds of stains are removed by using chemical bleaching. Teeth whitening is highly recommended for people with discolored teeth so they can enjoy bright and shiny smiles.

2. Bonding
If you have got cracked or broken teeth due to an accident or a disease, worry not! With bonding procedure of cosmetic dentistry, you can fill all sorts of gaps between teeth and cover the cracks to make your teeth look exactly same as natural enamel teeth.

3. Dental veneers
Dental veneers are superior to bonding because this procedure offers with longevity and better appearance. Veneers are plastic and porcelain made shells that cover the damaged front teeth and look as good as original teeth.

4. Enamel shaping and contouring
Sometimes our teeth grow in wrong size and shape that doesn’t only look bad but also cause minor bite problems. Cosmetic dentistry deals with such teeth by contouring and reshaping them. Now you don’t have to take your enamel teeth out because of their wrong shape but alter the shape and size according to your desire.

5. Bridges
Teeth loss is a serious problem that affects the appearance and makes eating difficult. Bridges can be used to cover the place of missing teeth or to replace the broken ones that cannot sustain any further.

6. Dental implants
Dental implants are also used to deal with tooth loss issue and turn out to be more durable. This procedure can be expensive than bridges but offers long-term comfort with little maintenance.

Pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry
Everything has a good and bad side. Where cosmetic dentistry is making people’s lives easier and beautiful, it also has some drawbacks. Here are a few pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry:

• Pros
– The procedures of cosmetic dentistry enhance the facial appearance and eventually increase your confidence.
– From coffee and tea stains to black smoke tints, cosmetic dentistry can remove them all and turn your decolored teeth into – – bright, shiny pearls!
– Enables oral well-being and better appearance.

• Cons
– It can be pretty expensive.
– It involves a considerable amount of rest and avoidance from certain foods.

With cosmetic dentistry, now you can boost up your facial appearance as well as self-confidence!


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