Different ideas for working with landscaping boulders

When looking to design a perfect garden for their needs people often think of greenery and landscape. People tend to forget about things like boulders and gravel that not only enhance the beauty but also makes it look individual. Hence, it is quite important for people to think out of the box. The best part is that the additions can blend in nicely with other features. We will be looking at some nice design ideas for different gardens by making use of landscape rock climbing boulder.
Boulders of different kinds and sizes can be utilized to make divisions within the garden. By appropriate placement one can create pockets which are just ideal for shrubs or flowers and even seating arrangement. They are near perfect for places with not enough plant growth or the area where the soil is not of the right kind. Using different sizes of boulders will give you enough variations for designing purposes.

Boulders also work well with water features, such as ponds, streams and waterfalls just to name a few. One can quite easily find the right match for the garden. One important thing that should be remembered is that these water features should be carefully planned before being implemented. They give a natural look and feel to the garden. One other simple but creative thing that can be done with the boulders is drilling holes in them so the water can flow through.

If you are looking to integrate different landscaping features in the garden boulders are again an ideal choice. They can give definition to your lawn and can also increase the value. Some of the more ideal boulder arrangements are:

  1. Lining the driveway with plants and small boulders
  2. Arrange the boulders with different sizes
  3. Try arranging the boulders geometrically
  4. Randomly done arrangement also works
  5. Bordering of arrangements around trees and plants also work nicely
  6. Also try creating a fireplace that can be utilized for camp fires and other such activities


Very nice looking design patterns can be achieved by making use of boulders with little effort. Greenery can be added later, in order for a gravel based or rocky garden to be implemented.


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