The Difference Between Executive Limo Car Service and Black Car Service

It is important for people to realize that executive car services and black car services are two different things and should not be used interchangeably. Many people confuse the two terms thinking that any luxury car service is an executive or a black car service. There is an obvious difference between the two and for people who are clueless about it, the difference has been explained below.

The term chauffeur refers to anyone who has experience in driving and can drive an elegant passenger service including horse drawn carriages, luxury sedans, motor coaches, and limousines etc. On the other hand, people who operate non-passenger vehicles can be referred to as drivers.

People can either employ full-time chauffeurs to drive themselves to places or rely on professional services to offer them limousines or other executive cars driven by chauffeurs. These are the services which are usually referred to as the chauffeured executive limo car service and are properly regulated by a company or an organization.

All the vehicles are owned by the company itself in an executive limo service and are insured. Even all the chauffeurs have been hired by the company itself and they work for them. It is the company’s own unique hiring process through which each chauffeur has to go before being given any position. They exercise complete control over them and their employers or chauffeurs will be properly dressed with suits or any other uniform attire.

All the work done by an executive car service is very professional and organized as they take appointments and provide a designated vehicle and a chauffeur to the clients.

On the other hand, a black car service is an entirely different thing. Most of the black car companies do not own anything except for a few phone lines and all of their work is subcontracted with independent drivers and vehicle providers. These vehicles are not checked for compliance or insurance and can be traditional cabs too. You will get the type of car based on availability and there is no such thing as proper working and organization.

The drivers of these services need not be professionally dressed and lack the mannerisms and body language of a chauffeur. It is hard to say if they even go through any screening process and are directly hired. They can belong to any background and take driving a black car as an alternative career option.

When it comes to service, the black car services are notorious for not being punctual and informing the customers about cancellation only 20 minutes prior to the time. In addition to all this, the pricing of these companies is also unpredictable as you might be handed a hefty bill containing unknown additional charges.

Considering all this, one can safely say that there is a huge difference between an executive limo car service and a black car service Highland with the former being a better option.


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