Deluxe dorothy costume

Halloween is a big deal in the New Zealand, but we aren’t the first or only country to have a day celebrating all things spooky. Most cultures have an event where they pay tribute to the dead by performing traditional rituals, dressing up in costumes or throwing a huge celebration. Other festivals are more of a cleansing event – ridding their town of anything evil in preparation for a new year. Many countries, such as Ireland or Romania, have a history that provides the basis for what we think of Halloween today. Images of skeletons, ghosts, devils, and even jack-o-lanterns appear worldwide. We’ve listed some prominent Deluxe dorothy costume  from around the world featuring scary stories, unique celebrations and rich traditions.

History: The Oruro Carnival has been celebrated in South America since pre-Columbian times. This festival is observed by the Uru people in Bolivia; the Uru are a pre-Incan tribe. During the festival, there is a parade that features Tio Supay, the god of the mountains, who is portrayed as the devil, and Pachamama, Mother Earth, who is portrayed as the Virgin Mary. There is a legend that a mural of the Virgin Mary appeared in a mineshaft in the city of Oruro and the festival is in honor of this miracle.

Tricks and Treats: A main part of the Carnaval de Oruro is the dance of the devils, also known as La Diablada. There are more than ten other types of indigenous dances that are performed during the parade, which lasts over 20 hours. The parade travels through the city and features more than 28,000 dancers. At the end of the parade, the Uru people put on two plays – one about the Spanish conquest and the other reenacts the Archangel Michael defeating the devil and destroying the seven deadly sins.

Costumes: People who dress as the devil during this event go all out. The masks that they wear are often incredibly ornate and frightening; they feature horns, wide grins with pointed teeth, and deep, scarlet skin. They also wear red and pink tights to simulate red skin. Many of the costumes worn by dancers have bright colors, feathers and fringe as decoration.


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