Over The Counter sleeping pills for all ages to sleep well again

Now there’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep properly. Staying up one night spoils the day after. Your body seems to give up ever so easily and you have a really hard time concentrating on things. If you know what sleeplessness is, how it actually clutters up your life, you’re at the right place. First things first though, there’s nothing like thinking about taking some over the counter sleeping pills. But then again, you need to know the right ones.

Herbal sleeping pills through the age groups: –

1. Children & Teenagers (12 to 20 years of age) –

Whenever it comes to medication from teenagers, even considering any form of medication is a serious step to take. Medically speaking, this age group is where the immunity system of an individual takes shape.

Children and teenagers can have sleeping problems and this is not a rarity at all. Research suggests that most of these problems primarily come down to an increase of VDUs (computers, mobile devices, etc.) into their lives. Further, some children often need to face highly demanding situations. There’s an obviously increased pressure on this age group nowadays.

Most sleeping aids are sedatives, forcing the body or rather, sedating a child into sleep. Considering the mental pressure already prevalent, these sleep aids have a hugely negative effect on their body. These aids are not a deterrent, let alone a remedy.

The only proper alternative is to resort to over the counter sleeping pills. These natural pills consist of herbal components which are just part of the bounteous beauty of nature and not out of chemical synthesis.

They do not harm a fragile body system. Neither do these over the counter sleeping pills forcefully sedate the body into sleeping. These natural aids simply provide just those chemicals which a child’s or teenager’s body requires to get the normal sleep cycle of 6 to 8 hours back.

2. Adults (20 to 60 years) –

Adults are the most common victims when it comes to a lack of sleep. There are numerous reasons which can be the root cause of an adult suffering from insomnia. It can be an intrinsic reason, implicit to the body. But the larger share of adult sleeplessness happens due to certain habitual reasons and when these habits adversely affect the body.

Yet, at the base of this lies the obvious necessity of a proper lasting remedy. Now, before you start thinking about herbal pills again, here’s a proper heads up.

If you’re into caffeine and nicotine, you might find these pills taking a longer time to live up to their guarantees of giving you the sleep which you so miss. What your body is lacking mostly is melatonin. These over the counter sleeping pills will give you just the right boost to replenish the requisite melatonin amounts.

But sticking to habits which have caused this in the first place will not help at all. You need to dial down on caffeine-nicotine. Along with this, get a proper routine back into your daily regime. Following all of these things means that you’re simply helping yourself and the herbal sleep aids to work its magic.

3. About to be Septuagenarians (60 upwards) –

There’s just nothing better. Over the counter sleeping pills, ‘Non-herbal’ ones, are mostly sedatives. For 60 above individuals, these chemical pills will simply become an unavoidable necessary evil and not a remedy. At this age, a body is rarely able to heal by itself. The last thing it needs is something forcing onto it which is just what these non-herbal pills do. Resorting to a structured and measured course of ‘herbal’ sleeping pills is the best way forward for the aged.

OTC Sleeping aids:

So, if there’s one thing you should look into before choosing OTC sleeping pills, that’swhether it has natural ingredients. Things you’re looking for are melatonin, magnesium, calcium along with Passion flower, GABA, Lemon balm, Valerian, Hops and chamomile extracts. Why these?

Well, there are certain chemicals inside your body which helps it, and you, to doze off. These chemicals are produced inside your body and also in these natural substances. So, you’re simply giving your body a sleeping boost.

You can spot the differences and benefits yourself. Waking up without a headache, not feeling drowsy, throughout the rest of the day – these are just some of the benefits of using herbal over the counter sleeping pills. But the best of them all? You get your beautiful sleep back!

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