The competency approach has been defined as a way of organizing training so that it can bring sense in order to help the students comprehend the reason as to why we learn certain content.

Importance of Competence Approach to Education Systems

Most people associate competency approach as a method of teaching but that is not the case. Competence approach is the way that instructors try organize certain training in order to bring out since that will enable learners to understand as to why they have to learn certain content in their life.

  1. Improvement in coordination of training of student

Competency approach helps in the effective distribution of responsibilities and duties that aids in a process of decision making while training the students. This makes the students think about various activities in different perspectives besides the ones that are learned in the content. This helps them to be able to approach and solve the real world issues. To farther this, the coordination enables the students to have high cognitive abilities such as knowledge, comprehension, critical thinking, creativity and judgment among other abilities. Additionally, this combination fosters the development of effective aesthetics such as values, attitudes, leadership, and commitment.

  1. Flexibility

Competency-based programs are mobile since most of their structure depends on the learner. There is no rigid timetable in this approach as lack of classes or semesters. Therefore, the learner arranges his or her programs systematically on how to study and accomplish the course. He is fully in control of the assignments, assessment, and projects that he or she does. This has enabled and enhanced the student to have free time in which he is working under no pressure allowing him or her ample time to man maneuver with her valuable projects.  The most important thing of the competence approach to the learner is that it allows one to complete any given level of study depending on the creditability of the previous experience.

  1. Self-spaced

The main goal of competence-based approach is the outcome and not the path throughout the learning process. The student can be able to control the pace at which they move provided they prove the mastery of the content. Students can take the assessment and receive the result or outcome to start up a new material. The student is confined to huge significances as they can confidently work towards the specified degree and other schedules.

  1. Affordable

The competence based approach differs from one institution to the next in terms of programs and the difference depends on the pace of the student. It is clear and evident that the faster the pace of the learner, the lower the costs it involved. Many institutions have come up with a strategy of increasing their learning activities through online programs while intending to lower the costs involved in the study. As a result of increase in technology, most students are able to access the online programs thus lowering the tuition fee that they are supposed to pay.

  1. Skill-based

This program is based on the learning strategies of the real world skills. The students are able to engage in programs in which they can apply their knowledge and skills well to solve day to day problems. Also, most of these programs are aligned in the way that they suit careers in the world. The students take the material in which they can have credibility and a long run market or demand in the real world.  The result is that students are actually prepared and ready in the workplace and have experience or expertise in the selected field of their choice. According to research, most of the employers value the students who have gone through this program and are competitively in the market. Thus, many students believe that using this program in study for field specialization, it will clearly open up the way for better careers in the world. Also they have been able to like this program as it lowers the lengthy and delays in waiting for the job opportunities.

  1. Engaging

One of the major results of the competency based approach is that students are highly engaged. Since they are the one making the schedules, they have much ownership of the material they are studying and hence can be fully engaged in their work. The students are the ones in control of their studies since they know how, where and when they are supposed to indulge in their studies. This program encompasses individualized pedagogies that have different learning styles which results to a clear personalized experience. This experience encourages more engagement of learners in their work which brings out the best outcome which is relevant.

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