Common Mistakes to Avoid in Assignment Writing?


          “We learn from failure, not from success

Being a failure is not something to look down upon as failure show us the way to success. Mistakes are part of our daily lives and without them we won’t be able to learn the right. It’s just like the cause for a reason. Our mistake is a cause to get the reason for doing right. In contrast to this, it is also said that precaution is better than cure. These both ideas are clashing each other. Both are necessary for one’s life to make it a package of experience and lessons.

When we talk about mistakes in general life then it is mandatory. We commit mistakes in academic life, personal and professional life. Experienced person in all these phases is better than one, who never commits any, but it does not mean to make a mistake again and again as it becomes your habit. Making mistakes once in an academic life is good to strengthen your base. Being a student myself, I firmly believe it. I start learning things by making mistakes and help myself in using that experience.

From beginning semester to the last one, I learned something in all tasks such as exams, assignments, quizzes, the pronunciation of words etc. I can share with you all what I learned particularly in assignment writing. If you’ve just started your journey in last phases of academic life and don’t want to commit any mistake then note down the following common mistakes in assignment writing by student.They are divided into two categories. Major & and minor mistakes.

Mistakes in content of assignment:

The mistakes in content of assignment are wrong information which is the result of following causes;

1 – Lack of understanding:

When students did not get the concept of their assignments completely, or when there is a lack of understanding their assignment topics, then they borrow half of the text from some other source and paraphrase it. The dangerous mistake they commit which can badly affect their final grading.

2 – Irrelevant information:

Irrelevant information means to mention that features or thing that is not required, nor is the reader interested. For instance, if your question is to describe the significance of tragedy in Shakespeare Plays and you are emphasizing on other play writers and instead of describing Oedipus Complex in hamlet you waste whole word count on its origin in Greeks etc. This is irrelevant.

3 – Being inattentive & use of plagiarism:

When a student will not pay any heed to the lecture in class especially when a professor is discussing all given an assignment and what he wants, then plagiarism is a must in student’s assignment. It means to borrow one’s ideas without mentioning the source. Students consider it a piece of cake to copy other’s material and pretend to be written by them.

  • Mistakes with structure

After content, another ingredient required making your assignment clear and fathomable is how it is structured. Students commit mistake in structuring their assignment that includes;

1 – The missing of necessary parts:

The lack of necessary parts in the structure of assignment includes a proper introduction, main body of discussion, analysis, criticism, examples, and then conclusion. Never state your goal directly, but give a proper introduction that reckons the readers what the topic is about. Never end directly as it gives an incomplete look, but end your essay in concluding lines and summarize the whole concept that covers the entire argument.

2 – Mixing of ideas within single paragraph:

Never jumble up your ideas within a single paragraph in order to make it creative. Divide your ideas into paragraphs in such a way that they all together synchronize with each other and take readers attention. Make a flow in your paragraphs.

3 – Irrational text construction:

Your assignment should not contain irrational text construction, means it should be laid out in the sequence of events. For example if you are telling causes of something then also mention its reason, solution or symptoms if there are any. Similarly, if you begin your sentence with “If” must use “then” in this way build your text.

Minor Mistakes in Assignment:

The minor mistake in assignment includes;
Bad grammar
Misspell words
Wrong use of punctuation marks


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