Clothing Guide For 2nd Inning Ladies

Who on earth did not like to look good and dress well? It’s the right of everyone, either male or female. A woman should never dominate her age over her desires and dreams. Age and time keep on moving; in fact age with moving times keep on growing. Aging is not something to feel like the end of life, but aging can be taken as the process of crossing the first innings of life. It becomes weird when others keep reminding you of your growing age.

“I am not afraid of aging, but more afraid of people’s reactions to my aging”

~Barbara Hershey

This topic can be very argumentative and debatable because it has no certain conclusion. It depends on vision and perspectives. This piece of work is dedicated to all those who have crossed their first innings of life and has reached to 2nd innings. In other words, that females who have crossed the age of 40’s, and 50’s. These types of women are usually Shopaholics. For them, Pakistani clothes online is the best option. I have heard people gossiping about such aged women that “They’re not supposed to wear these types of clothes, it does not suit their age”. I wonder why? A woman as a girl, couldn’t fulfill her desires due to her parent’s financial position, when she becomes a wife her husband and in-laws restrict her, when she become a mother then she automatically becomes engrossed in responsibilities. When the children grew up, she becomes a mother in law.

In all these phases, she couldn’t get a single chance to dress up herself or wear the color she likes. When she gets freedom from all responsibilities, her then age doesn’t allow her. I don’t say that she should allow wearing whatever she wish, it may be possible that she prefers cheap and vulgar dressing. But I only object to those ladies who don’t even look for boutiques and good dresses that it’s not their age. It’s the key right of every woman to look beautiful, no matter what level of life she has reached. When a girl becomes a mother, even then others criticize that she’s not supposed to enjoy.

The root cause of why age restricts style of dressing is vulgarity followed by old women in terms of dressing. If we look into this matter from the western point of view, there is no flaw in it. As ladies above 80 dress up themselves in short dresses. But, from an eastern point of view, being Pakistani, our 2nd inning ladies are supposed to look elegant, graceful and decent. These three elements should reflect their personality to make it influential. Unfortunately, in our current society, it feels like our society has become a meeting point for both eastern and western cultures. Few ladies in the Lolly-wood Glitterati are so excessively engaged in imitating eastern culture that they’ve forgotten their physical silhouette.

Following fashion is good, following society is good, but never compromise with chastity and morals. Be mod and fashionable, but don’t follow vulgarity, and cheapness. That’s all I want to say for our current 2nd innings ladies. Do you want an example to get what I am trying to say? Let me explain.

Use decent color combinations which neither too dull as if you are a widow, or too dark and noisy such as pure red, dark maroon etc.

Take a light make up. Smoky eyes, candy lips are not apt for ladies above 40, and 50. Instead, prefer light makeup with light tone mascara, light brown or pink shade lipstick that match your complexion, and half open hairstyle.

Prefer Saris rather than wearing Lehengas and Pishwas.


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