Can you still use an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 on all networks?

Yes, all phones which have been unlocked can be used on virtually any network, as long as the device itself can support the bandwidth of the said network and the telecom radio. All this terminology might sound slightly complex to some of you, so let us take a look at what a locked phone is and how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 to any network, or any other smartphone for that matter.

What is a locked phone?

When smartphones hit the market, they are simply very expensive for most consumers. The manufacturers pack in a lot of features such as the fastest processor, the latest camera, vivid displays and much more. All of these features mean that the cost of the phones also shoots through the roof and it becomes a business decision whether you really want that new phone or not.

Carriers and networks take full advantage of this fact, they know that you as a consumer really want that device and hence they sell it to you for a contract, which allows you to take the device home almost immediately and you can simply pay a monthly rate. This makes the device affordable, but also it is most likely to come with a cellular plan. That makes the phone stick to the same plan for the entirety of your payment contract. The device is also locked to the network, meaning using any other network is simply not possible. The lock stays on even after you have finished your contract duration and you cannot use any network.

How can you remove the said lock?

The whole process is actually quite simple. Since the manufacturer did not intend the phone to be used on a single network, carriers are forced to simply put a simple lock through the manufacturer. This can be removed by gathering certain details of the phone, like the device number, the manufacturer details, the carrier details and the IMEI of the smartphone. With these you can get the unlock code, which can then be used in the deep settings of the phone. The latter part might be very tricky and one wrong move means your phone might not work properly. You should consider approaching a service which does unlocking as a business.

They can unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 in a flash and will even give your money back in case the unlocking does not go through. But once it does, you will never need to repeat the process ever again.

What happens after?

You can now use the phone on all networks. This is great for those who travel or those who want to switch networks because their internet is faster. Certain devices however may not have the radio support, i.e. the device may not support the fast speeds and the bandwidth. All in all the advantages that entail unlocking, such as freedom from a single network, no more unexplained tariffs or the fact that your phone resell price also increases are simply worth it.

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